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In January, we launched an enhanced new website for LoanPlus CMS™, the company’s advanced Collateral Management System (CMS) for automotive lenders. LoanPlus CMS combines the latest advancements in Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to provide lenders access to a full suite of customizable tools for continuous real-time monitoring of assets as well as improved risk management for subprime auto loans. Lenders using LoanPlus CMS increase their collections by up to four times, which in turn allows them to price their loans more competitively. The new LoanPlus CMS website is better designed to communicate this return on investment.

As part of this launch, we also introduced a new online tool for automotive lenders to use to calculate return on capital. Try our detailed calculator to estimate your net increase to return on capital. Whether you've got 100 loans, or 100,000, LoanPlus translates into substantial bottom-line gains.

Test it for yourself today!

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