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Track & Measure Driver Behavior

Monitor Your Drivers & Maximize Performance

Promote Safe Driving Behavior to Protect Your Business

And Your
Drivers’ Behavior

Spireon Driver Performance Program is an exciting solution that helps make safe driving fun through positive reinforcement and competition. Created for Enterprise Fleets, the solution combines GPS tracking with a gamified environment in which drivers compete in teams or individually for the safest driving record. Organizations who have deployed Spireon’s solution have seen a 50% drop in accidents due to the program!


Wide variety of game metrics to set up competitions


Robust reporting by company, team and driver


Native mobile app for drivers to view stats and track progress


Scoring and ranking by team and driver to easily see status

Annual Cost to Employers Due to Vehicle Crashes

Time Between Vehicle Accidents in the U.S.

Of Fatal Accidents are Caused by Driver Error

Reduce Accidents

Improves safety and mitigates risk – users have seen a 50% drop in accidents

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Engages drivers through trending feedback, positive reinforcement and competition

Improve Safety

Helps drivers improve personal performance

Recognize Achievement

Provides recognition for individual and team achievements

Take GPS to the Next Level

Maximizes ROI of your GPS fleet management program

Improved Driver Performance Begins Here