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Spireon FleetLocate Advanced

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Move beyond basic GPS tracking with advanced engine diagnostics and detailed driver behavior tracking to improve maintenance and reduce risky driving. FleetLocate Advanced adds a layer of sophistication to your GPS tracking – deepening the intelligence you get on how your drivers are performing and how your vehicles are responding.

View Driver Scorecards

Take driver behavior tracking to the next level with scorecards and detailed customizable rule setting. You can also create groups so managers only see the drivers and behavior that needs addressing.

Immediately Correct Bad Driving

Program audible alerts that remind drivers to wear their seatbelts, reduce their speed and more. Businesses that use our built-in buzzers immediately see a decrease in risky driving.

Understand Vehicle Diagnostics

Let your vehicles tell you what they need. Our device reads and reports engine diagnostic codes so you can stay on top of maintenance and repairs.

Key Features

Real-Time Tracking

Track vehicles and drivers in real-time to reduce risky driving, monitor employee productivity and protect vehicles.

In-Cab Coaching

Program audio alerts that let drivers know when they need to modify their behavior like speeding and lack of seat belt use.

Driver Performance

See safety scores by driver based on indicators like speeding, seat belt use, harsh acceleration and speeding to reduce risks.

Robust Reporting

Turn almost any data point into a report for micro and macro views of your fleet and its performance.

Engine Diagnostics

Reads engine fault codes to notify you of issues and help you maintain healthy vehicles.

Add-On Hardware

Further customize your solution with add-on hardware features like Driver ID and Garmin.

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