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Add Profit to Every Vehicle

with the GoldStar Connect Mobile App

GoldStar Connect. It’s a Win-Win for You and Your Customers.

Spireon’s new GoldStar Connect mobile app adds profit to every vehicle that drives off your lot, and gives your customers a feature-rich, smart car experience.

GoldStar Connect is Freedom & Control

This game-changing app gives you the power to stay connected day or night, no matter where you go.

Drive Revenue

Add profit to every vehicle with smart car features that are easy to sell.

Follow Movement

Whether out for a test drive or 2 AM, gain on/off lot status visibility.

Manage Inventory

Streamline sales by knowing where every car is located on your lot.

Stay Connected

Keeping in touch with customers allows you to protect the bottom line.

Give Customers Exactly What They Want

Smart cars and connected cars are in high demand, now you can deliver while adding to your profits.

Get Smart

Give customers the smart car experience no matter what car they purchase.

Protect What Matters

Help customers keep their loved ones safe via this intuitive app.

Locate Instantly

Customers can locate their car on-demand, 24/7 for true peace of mind.

Stay Alert

The app offers valuable alerts for speed, battery status, boundaries and more.

Save Money

Discounts on insurance premiums are available through leading providers.

Add Profit & Provide In-Demand Smart Car Tech with GoldStar Connect!

Award Winning Platform

Spireon is a proud member of the NIADA Diamond National Corporate Partner Program

Selected by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solution Providers in 2014.

IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year, chosen by a panel of over 40 industry-leading journalists, thought leaders and analysts.

2014 – Spireon wins 2014 M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award. 2013 – Spireon wins “Best M2M Business Intelligence Platform”