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GoldStar is more than just a GPS tracking device, it is a solution to make your job easier – helping you keep risk down and profits up with technology that just works.

With GoldStar you can:

  • Optimize your workflows, saving time and money
  • Proactively manage your business, improving collections
  • Monitor default predictors, reducing risk
  • Increase recovery effectiveness, avoiding extensive recovery fees

    GPS Solutions for Dealers and Lenders

    Faster Workflows. Decreased Costs.

    With GoldStar, you can optimize your workflows and eliminate manual tasks, cutting out steps that cost you time and money. With features like automated STIPS and reference validation, one step recovery requests and auto-population of VINS – your workflows not only just got faster, but more effective.

    Reduce Your Risk. Fund More Deals.

    Instantly decrease your risk with GoldStar enabling you to get more customers into cars. From default predicators like abandonment alerts, tow alerts and probable location reporting to collection features like payment reminders – rest assured, your business is protected.

    Peace-of-Mind. Scalable Growth.

    Gain peace-of-mind with the only GPS solution with over 17 patents, 4M+ active subscribers, handling over 1 billion monthly data events and backed with a Performance Guarantee. And if that wasn’t enough, we got you covered with 24/7 customer care and the only in-house Certified Installation Services team in the industry.



    Our entry-level GPS tracking package, Locator helps dealers quickly and reliably locate vehicles when necessary. The intuitive tablet-friendly interface makes it easy to set-up custom reports, be alerted to GPS tracking device health, and activate helpful GeoZones.


    Proactively service your loans with our Notifier GPS asset tracking package including advanced reports and dashboard, 500 tracks per GPS tracking device, and the powerful Location and Reference Genies that automate reference checks and zero in your recovery process.


    Designed to help automotive lenders increase the performance of their overall loan portfolios and price loans more competitively. Easy-to-use tools and services provide lenders with real-time business intelligence.

    To learn more call our GoldStar direct sales line at 1-866-655-8825

    “I definitely prefer the look and feel of the new GoldStar CMS – it’s so much faster than before! It’s also a lot simpler and easier to use. I can get all of my tasks done quickly, and then move on with the rest of my busy day.”
    Julie MuñozMario's Auto Sales
    “I love the new platform. GoldStar CMS is a real time saver and gives me full control of my rental vehicles. In fact, I referred two colleagues that I worked with back when I operated a BHPH dealership”
    Jerrell BreedlovePremier Cash Car Rentals
    “It’s so much easier to use!” “This will save us a lot of time!” “We are really excited to use your new UI…How fast can we get it?” “The Dashboard will be a really useful addition.”
    Varios CustomersNABD CMS Sneak Peak


    Spireon is a proud member of the NIADA Diamond National Corporate Partner Program

    Selected by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solution Providers in 2014.

    IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year, chosen by a panel of over 40 industry-leading journalists, thought leaders and analysts.

    spireon asset tracking award

    2014 – Spireon wins 2014 M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award. 2013 – Spireon wins “Best M2M Business Intelligence Platform”.