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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Get Real-Time GPS Vehicle Location Tracking for Fleets & Autos

Reliable GPS Vehicle Tracking from a Trusted Provider

While Spireon’s products come with a host of capabilities that turn Big Data into actionable intelligence, we know that sometimes, simply being able to locate a vehicle is what truly matters. That’s why we provide the most reliable and best-selling GPS vehicle tracking services on the market.

Powered by Our Award-Winning NSpire Platform

Virtually 100% tracking capability 24/7, coast to coast

High data speeds and availability, even during peak demand

Flexible solutions that can be scaled up or down to meet your needs

Reliable coverage and connections even in rural and remote areas

Solutions backed by the industry’s only 99.9% Performance Guarantee

GPS Tracking for Used Car Dealers

When customers with less than stellar credit come into your dealerships, feel confident about offering them a loan with a GPS car tracker that protects your bottom line. If and when it’s needed, you can find and recover your vehicles without an expensive, drawn-out repo process.

GPS Tracking for New Car Dealers

Spireon SkyLink is big opportunity for you and a no-brainer for your customers. Tracking a vehicle with a GPS device means you can manage lot inventory and customers can depend on fast, more reliable theft recovery – with average recovery times coming in at around 26 minutes.

GPS Tracking for Fleet Businesses

Where’s your driver? How soon will they be at a customer’s location? When you need to know now, a GPS tracker on your fleet vehicles will give you exact locations from any computer or connected mobile device. That’s the key to improving customer satisfaction and profits. Learn more: For Small FleetsFor Large Fleets.

GPS Trailer Tracking

How many 70-foot trailers can you fit into your pocket? Your whole fleet – whether that’s 3 trailers or 63,000 trailers. Simply grab your mobile phone, pull up the FleetLocate app and instantly pinpoint every trailer on the map using tracking from Spireon. It’s just that easy.
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