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Insurance Telematics

A Comprehensive Insurance Telematics Suite

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next generation of Insurance Telematics

Customize a program to fit your telematics strategy

Comprehensive, End-to-End Solution Suite

  • Telematics hardware
  • Select Driving Data
  • Behavior & Risk Scoring
  • Accident Detection & FNOL
  • Accident Reconstruction & Claims Support
  • Policyholder Mobile App with Push Notification

Complete Telematics Program Management

  • Logistics with Fullfillment
  • Provisioning of Devices
  • 100% Product Tested
  • Same Day Shipping directly to Insured
  • Onsite Installation Services
  • Consumer Onboarding, Training & Support

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Insurance Telematics powered by data

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System & Application Availability Guarantee

Recorded Driving Data (Miles Per Year)

“Always On” Capability

State-of-the-Art, Award Winning, Network Operations Center with 99.9% system & application availability guarantee.