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Real Life Results

Kahu Lot Management in Action

Hundreds of Thousands Saved with SVR

Transaction Times Reduced to Less Than 3 Hours

6 Hour Floor Plan Checks Reduced to Under 90 minutes

Lot checks too time consuming?

Lot checks can be done in a fraction of the time with Kahu. Enjoy the flexibility of viewing your inventory by lot or down to individual vehicles.

Real Life Results: Our customers have seen a 400% reduction in time spent manually checking inventory!

Want to get to the test drive faster?

With the Kahu app, your sales team can instantly locate vehicles for customers to test drive – leaving no room for delay or hesitation.

Kahu In Action: Simply pull up inventory by the last 6-digits of the VIN or even by vehicle model and features to find test-drive options.

Battery management wasting your time?

Set voltage thresholds with Kahu, then pull a report pinpointing which vehicles need attention to save time spent on battery management.

Kahu In Action: By pulling a report each morning, you’ll never be caught off guard with a dead battery and will reduce the time your lot porter spends each day starting vehicles.

Theft eating into your profits?

Vehicle theft is a reality – but with Kahu, you’re protected. Set virtual fences and receive notifications if geo-boundaries are breached, so you can quickly work with law enforcement to pinpoint and recover vehicles.

Real Life Results:Kahu saved one dealer over 140k by recovering their stolen vehicles.

Can Kahu track loaners and shuttles, too?

Kahu isn’t only for sales inventory, it can help you keep track of all your vehicles including loaners and shuttles.

Kahu In Action: : You can even receive alerts when those vehicles enter and exit the virtual boundaries of your dealership.

After-hours vehicle movement on your mind?

Set time parameters when your dealership is closed to recieve alerts for unauthorized vehicle movement.

Kahu In Action: As recently as March 2017, a Kahu dealer recovered vehicles minutes after receiving after-hours geofence alerts.

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