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Track Your Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment and Assets Efficiently and Effectively
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Maximize Your Mobile Workforce.

Don’t just manage your mixed fleet – vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets. Maximize it with FleetLocate’s GPS Tracking solution. Designed for small and medium sized businesses, FleetLocate combines the powerful features and cost efficiencies of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Mobile Resource Management (MRM), and Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) technology to help you:

Measure the performance and efficiency of your mixed fleet

Optimize your vehicle, trailer, equipment and asset inventory

Track the travel speed of your vehicles and trailers

Know how many engine hours your vehicles and powered equipment have been in use

Monitor unauthorized use or route deviation within your mixed fleet

FleetLocate delivers actionable, real-time business intelligence to help increase your ROI and move your business forward.

GPS Fleet & Asset tracking solutions that deliver real-time business intelligence.

Fleet Tracking isn’t just for vehicles. Now you can make faster, smarter, more profitable decisions relating to your business. FleetLocate provides small and medium sized businesses with actionable business intelligence that drives efficiencies and results. Its intuitive user interface is designed track it all – vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets on one screen – one solution.
FleetLocate’s feature-rich reporting lets you measure the performance of your mixed fleet – you’ll see where you’re losing money, and how to control costs.

GPS Tracking Solutions for Mixed Fleets.

Our plans are bundled to give you everything you need to get started for a low monthly cost. Most plans include:





Lifetime Warranty

Breaking down your Fleet Expenditures

Repairs, Tires, Preventable Maintenance 10.4%
Service Fees1.7%
Management Fees1%
Accident Risk 1.6%
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