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Spireon Products

Give Your Customers Real-Time Fleet Visibility
Powered by our NSpire platform, Spireon’s comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions provide fleet owners with affordable GPS-based tracking that can improve their entire operation. With real-time visibility into their fleet, assets and workforce, owners can reduce expenses, improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.As a Spireon partner, you’ll be able to pass along highly valuable benefits to your customers.


Fleet Management

With Spireon’s GPS-based fleet management solution, fleets not only see how to get from Point A to Point B, but how to get there more efficiently and profitably. It also delivers actionable insight that can help optimize an entire fleet operation.

Asset & Trailer Management

For mixed fleets with anything from wood chippers to trailers, Spireon has them covered – and so do you. Our rugged hardware can be used to track, locate and keep safe both powered and unpowered assets, as well as to optimize fleet trailer.

Fuel Management

With purchases centralized through this universally accepted fuel card, it’s the tool businesses need to reduce wasteful practices and eliminate fraud. Our fuel card provides accurate reports that show all fuel purchases, along with real-time vehicle locations to help verify information.



Driver Safety & Performance

Reduces risky and costly driver behaviors, such as speeding and hard braking to lower insurance costs.

Real-Time Visibility

Keeps managers in the know with real-time views of vehicles: locations, status, times, and alerts.

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Reduces downtime and maintains healthy vehicles through alerts triggered by engine fault codes.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Generates bottom-line fuel cost savings by managing driver behaviors like idling and speeding.

Compliance Data

Helps ensure compliance with regulations like HOS, DVIR and IFTA more efficiently and cost effectively.

Route Optimization

Reduces mileage and fuel costs while increasing customer satisfaction through more effective dispatch.


Asset and Trailer Management Features

Mixed Fleet Tracking

Provides real-time visibility into the location of fleet assets and unpowered equipment. Prevents loss and gets the right assets to the right jobs every time.

Anytime, Anywhere Monitoring

Spireon’s solution delivers data directly to any connected desktop or mobile device. Gives a 360 degree view of an entire fleet 24/7 and from any location.

Improved Utilization

With a 360 degree view of a fleet, managers know which assets are being used or not and can redirect underutilized equipment to locations with higher revenue potential.

Increased Driver Satisfaction

Real-time data increases driver productivity, earnings and satisfaction. With no manual yard counts and reduced detention time, drivers wait less and move more live loads.

ROI Attainment

Helps managers identify key driving factors for optimal trailer pool management, as well as do more with less in their trailer pools to drive ROI and profitability.

Automated Yard Checks

Enables fleets to save time and money with automated yard checks. Real-time data alerts managers when a trailer moves, stops and is loaded or unloaded.

Asset and Trailer Management Products

Trailer Tracking | AT12 / FL12 The FL12 provides unprecedented visibility in trailer location and status, as well as in-depth reporting and analytics for improved utilization.

Powered Asset Tracking | AT12 EQ / FL12 EQ

Getting the right equipment to the right job is simple with the FL12 EQ. From tracking to engine hours, to theft protection, this is a valuable device.

Unpowered Asset Tracking | BAT60 / FL700

Even without a power source, the battery-powered FL700 provides equipment protection and peace of mind with up to 5,000 reports.

Fuel Management

With all purchases centralized through this universally accepted fuel card, it’s the tool fleet businesses need to reduce wasteful practices and eliminate fraudulent purchases. Our fuel card provides accurate reports that show all fleet fuel purchases, along with real-time vehicle locations to help verify usage, efficiency rates, and slippage.

Fuel Exception Reporting
Ensure vehicles and fueling locations match to prevent fraud and receive alerts if they don’t.

Easy Bill Pay
Simplifies fuel accounting with one payment covering all fuel charges for the entire fleet.

True Odometer Reporting
Tracks fuel costs with actual miles driven to alert managers to poor or wasteful driving behaviors.

Add & Remove Drivers
Businesses can easily add or remove authorized drivers as the company’s personnel changes.

Security Alerts
Managers receive automatic security alerts that warn of fraudulent use so action can be taken.

Add & Remove Cards
Adjust the number of fuel cards as your needs change to keep all fuel purchases centralized.