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We Support Your Ongoing Needs and Success

The Spireon Partner Program is built to support the needs of various partner business models, deliver high-demand GPS tracking solutions, and most importantly, create a significant revenue opportunity.

Three key principles of our program include:

  • Consistent, ongoing updates and communications with our partners
  • Focus on a quality customer experience to deliver products you’re proud to sell
  • Our absolute commitment to support through marketing, training and tools

We hope that you’ll choose to join the Spireon team and our growing community of industry leaders!

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Getting Started

Quickly ramp up your Spireon offering and your sales with:

  • Flexible pricing structures and compensation models
  • Outstanding product warranties and technical support
  • Streamlined processes for ordering and billing
  • High-touch support from your program account manager
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Customized Support

Expect the highest level of service and response:

  • Business guidance from a Regional Sales Manager
  • A go-to Customer Account Manager for questions and help
  • Around-the-clock technical support from trained experts
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Ongoing Training

Partner communications include:

  • Product updates and information
  • Partner bulletins, emails, and newsletters
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Industry-related blog posts
  • White papers, case studies, and articles
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Marketing Tools

Convert more leads to customers with:

  • Professional-quality marketing materials, ads to emails
  • Ability to customize: business name, logo and contact info
  • Cost-effective co-op marketing opportunities
  • Enhanced marketing initiatives and lead sharing opportunities
Learn how to use your Partner Program Portfolio


Common Partner Questions

Who is Spireon?
Spireon is the industry-leading provider of wireless networking solutions that enable enterprises to access, analyze and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets. Our solutions, consisting of integrated GPS tracking products and enterprise software, gives businesses real-time visibility into their workforce, vehicles and assets 24.7.

What is the Spireon Partner Program?
The Spireon Partner Program is structured to support the needs of different partner business models, build closer relationships between Spireon and its partner channel, and facilitate customer-focused, award-winning, end-to-end solutions. Most importantly, the program offers significant revenue opportunities, the ability do drive and accelerate sales, and reduce expenses while expanding coverage and penetration.

What’s the difference between the old reseller program and the Partner Program?
With input from current partners and close collaboration with our regional sales team, we have re-energized our focus on meeting partner needs and helping drive new revenue opportunities by:

  • Defining your role in the Spireon opportunity ecosystem, allowing you to identify your strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Helping partners sell more successfully and in turn, increase their revenue
  • Making it easier for partners to do business with Spireon through improved tools and interfaces
  • Encouraging partners to offer their customers a comprehensive solution that includes both products and services through a greater emphasis on value-added services
  • Improving the ROI for highly-invested partners
  • Introducing new technical benefits that increase partners’ technical capabilities and improve solution offerings
  • Expanding the monthly benefits and renewal rewards for our loyal partners and their customers
  • Expanding current market coverage and penetration

What options are available for me in the Partner Program?
When you become one of our partners, simply find the best fit for your current sales operation:

  • As a Reseller you can sell our VehiclePath brand with an expanded suite of products including new product offerings throughout the year. You also have the ability to sell our products under your own brand.
  • As an Agent or Dealer you will be representing our award winning brand of enhanced products and services.
  • As a Referral, you simply enable us to tap into your business connections and receive payment from Spireon for each conversion.

What else do I need to know about becoming a Spireon Valued Agent (SVA)?
Becoming a Spireon Valued Agent (SVA) is the first step in establishing a relationship with Spireon. This process is simple. You fill out the SVA program registration form, and receive an official approval of acceptance. SVA status provides access to the products, tools and training necessary to be successful in your quest to sell Spireon’s full suite of solutions. You will receive an up-front payment for all new sales and a renewal bonus for each contract extension you bring in with your customer base. SVAs sell the full Spireon branded product line and services with Spireon contracts. They represent the latest and most advanced products from Spireon.

What else do I need to know about becoming a Spireon Fleet Dealer (SFD)?
As you advance and are ready for minimum commitments you can move into the Spireon Fleet Dealer (SFD) level where additional features increase your profitability. With a volume commitment, cash flow is enhanced with monthly residual benefits. SFDs also sell the full Spireon branded product line and services with Spireon contracts. They represent the latest and most advanced products from Spireon.

What else do I need to know about becoming a Private Label Reseller (PLR)?
Private Label Resellers play a critical role in logistically meeting customer needs through deployment and hardware integration services, product availability and on-time fulfillment and solutions delivery. PLRs can resell the Spireon products and services under the VehiclePath brand or under their own white label brand on their personalized contracts.

Will I receive marketing support?
Marketing and sales enablement benefits are available, helping deliver vital marketing and sales-related resources designed to boost sales success, cut costs and augment existing sales and marketing assets.

The Spireon Cooperative Marketing Program (Co-Op/MDF) is our commitment to ensure that our valued partners, have the tools and resources to effectively market the Spireon product line. Continued enhancements to this program will be made based on program use and your feedback.

The spending of your funds is a cooperative decision between you and Spireon. The Spireon Marketing and Partner teams will gladly assist in developing a marketing plan that fits your needs and ensures the effective use of your Spireon matched funds.

What are the components of the Co-Op/MDF Program?
Spireon has devised the partner cooperative program to assist approved partners in the development and growth of Spireon product sales.

The program is designed to provide reimbursement funds for a variety of cooperative marketing and business support activities. Your company can use these funds to tailor your advertising, marketing and business development efforts to create a marketplace for your company.

Co-Op/MDF funding for Spireon partners is based on purchases of Spireon products less any returns that may apply. The Co-Op accrual percentage varies per contract.

Sample Partner Activities (prior authorizations are required):

  • Expanding current market coverage and penetration
  • Newspaper, magazine and trade publication advertising
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Partner created literature
  • Customized Spireon direct mail pieces
  • Lead generation & telemarketing
  • Trade shows & seminars
  • Web page development
  • Promotional and incentive programs (SPIFs)
  • Spireon demonstration lab and evaluation equipment
  • Spireon training classes
  • Sponsorship of dedicated Spireon personnel at partner sites

Common Customer Questions

How can fleet tracking help me?
Any business that has a fleet of vehicles and assets – such as farming, shipping, delivery, busses, utilities, or construction – can benefit from real-time GPS tracking.

Spireon provides the tools and technology needed to improve driver performance, dispatch vehicles more effectively and reduce operating expenses. From simple track-n-trace technology to the latest in vehicle diagnostics and DOT compliance offerings, there are solutions to fit your needs.

Another extremely important use for GPS is tracking stolen vehicles. And not just tracking, but locating and recovering them, often within minutes of the theft.

No matter how small or large small your business, GPS tracking has its benefits.

  • Accounting – When it comes to the bottom line, accounting will certainly see a reduced fuel spend, lowered employee overtime, and vehicle maintenance costs – not breakdown bills.
  • Customer Service – Spireon’s solution provides increased accuracy, faster status reporting, detailed billing information, and fewer delays in arrival time.
  • Dispatch – Improvements here often lead to an increase in the number of jobs your fleet can take on without hiring more drivers or purchasing more vehicles. More accurate routing also results in lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear on vehicles and happier customers.
  • Drivers/Account Receivable – Your drivers can supplement work orders by verifying time spent at appointments and job sites. This offers a reliable way to track progress and protects them (and your business) against customer complaints and billing disputes.
  • Sales Department – When your business is known for on-time appointments, efficient services and real-time customer communication, attracting new business is a lot easier. Fleet tracking helps you build a first-rate, professional reputation.
  • Upper Management – If you need to get the green light from upper management or an owner before purchasing, it all comes down to ROI. Spireon customers typically see real ROI right away. From improving fuel-wasting driver behavior to re-routing a nearby driver to add a last-minute job to the books, the benefits are seen almost instantly.

What information is transmitted by the GPS tracking unit?
Each GPS record consists of the following:

Date & Time
Location – Address, City, State, Zip
Direction of travel

Any other information included with the package: miles, fuel use, etc.

Where will the unit work?
The GPS tracking device will work in the US, Canada and some border areas of Mexico (special pricing and activation needed for Canada and Mexico use).

What is included with each package?
This complete solution includes the GPS tracker, software and network connectivity to the tracker. All that’s needed is a PC or mobile device with an internet connection and a vehicle to track!

How often can fleet vehicles be located?
You get an unlimited number of locates to use during each month. This gives you the ability to locate a vehicle in between normal locates.

What is involved in maintaining the system?
There is no maintenance required on your end. All updates, fixes and maintenance are pushed live onto the web-based software.

What type of mapping does Spireon use?
Spireon uses Google maps, which includes a standard map, satellite, and hybrid (lays map over satellite image). It is also Garmin integration compatible.

How many alert recipients are supported?
Up to 3 alert recipients are allowed for each device. A recipient may be either an email address or a cell phone number. If your recipient is a cell phone, the message will be delivered as SMS.

How many GeoFences are supported?
50 GeoFences are available for each GPS vehicle tracking device and 50 global GeoFences per account.

How accurate are the speed and GeoFence alerts?
The device reports location every 30 seconds, 1, 2, or 5 minutes while in motion.

The reported speed is the speed when the location is reported. The smaller the location interval, the smaller the interval a driver can speed without detection. Similarly, with GeoFence alerts, the entry or exit of a GeoFence is determined when a location is taken. The smaller the time interval, the sooner the alert is sent out when a driver has entered or exited a GeoFence.

How often does the GPS system locate my vehicle?
A vehicle is located every 30 seconds*, 1, 2, or 5 minutes while it is in motion (depending on the service purchased). Sometimes a vehicle will be out of cellular coverage, but locations will still be recorded and available when the vehicle comes back into cellular coverage. Though there will be times when the device is hidden from GPS satellites, it should be infrequent.  *Available with specific models only.

Can the GPS tracking device be installed without drivers knowing?
Yes. A good installation is virtually undetectable. It is important to follow the instructions given in the installation guide to ensure your tracker is both hidden and fully functional.

Is it difficult to install?
For somebody who is handy, it’s pretty simple. The GPS vehicle tracker needs to be placed under the dashboard (with zip ties) and the antenna needs to be placed with a view to the sky. The installation guide provides easy to follow instructions. Typically, installation can be done in under an hour.