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New Car Dealers

Tap into a new revenue center for your dealership with consumer GPS vehicle tracking products.

Spireon SkyLink offers your car or power sport customers 24/7 protection against theft using nearly real-time locates. Our solution even enables you to monitor and protect your own inventory prior to the sale.

Increase your dealership’s profits and build customer loyalty with industry-leading GPS technology that delivers peace of mind.

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Used Car Dealers

Spireon GoldStar GPS provides the business tools you need to increase car sales while reducing risk.

Say yes to more customers, even those with less than perfect credit. Along with payment reminders for customers, our GPS tracking system provides one-click locates in case a vehicle needs to be recovered.

Plus, automated features like reference checks get you away from your desk making phone calls and give you more time on the sales floor to close deals.

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Improve the performance of your overall loan portfolio and price loans more competitively

Goldstar Lender enables you to help consumers get into the vehicles they want and need, as well as support them in rebuilding their credit. All while managing your portfolio risk and protecting profitability.

Now’s your opportunity to expand the dealer market you serve with indirect lending rates that give you the competitive advantage.

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Insurance telematics from Spireon goes beyond simple price discounts based on brief driver snapshots.

Our comprehensive solution starts with industry-leading hardware and can be customized to fit your telematics strategy. Choose modules for scoring, claims, as well as accident detection and FNOL.

We also work directly with your customers for a complete program management solution, providing installation, onboarding, training and support.  
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