How Technology Can Sell Cars

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Sell More Cars to Millennials

Did you know that 40% of vehicle purchases will be made by millennials? This generational group of 75 million people represent a huge opportunity for your car dealership. So, what can you do to make a memorable impression on younger car buyers?

Here are five new technologies you can implement in your dealership to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

  1. Using Computers and Tablets in the Sales Process

The presence of technology at your dealership has been shown to increase customer satisfaction according to a recent J.D. Power study. Having sales personnel use tablets to display pricing information and vehicle features yielded more favorable customer satisfaction results. Interestingly, car buyers were negatively affected if they were presented with handwritten quotes. Presenting information in modern tech is a way of assuring customers that you conduct transparent transactions.

  1. Security and Safety in Cars
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According to a Frost & Sullivan consumer study, there has been a 35% increase in consumer desire for safety and security features in cars over the past few years. Such features include vehicle diagnostics (being able to see why the check engine light is on or if the car battery is charged) and maintenance (regular notifications to change brakes, tires or oil). One such app that provides security features is Kahu and can be sold as an add-on feature to your customers’ cars.

  1. Self Service Kiosks

Self Service kiosks are a great way for customers to engage with your car inventory and features. These kiosks are low-pressure mediums for customers to explore car options without engaging in a sales intensive interaction. Some studies concluded that customers like kiosks and buy more because they don’t have to fear appearing unsophisticated or embarrassed in front of business representatives.

  1. Mobile Communication

To piggyback on the wave of digital car shopping, CarcodeSMS provides interested car buyers with the option to text dealer salespersons while they are shopping for cars on websites. Dealers who sign up get an app that allows their staff to respond to customers, and customers don’t have to worry about disclosing their phone numbers.

  1. Happy Medium Between High Tech and Low Tech
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Selling car buyers simple and easy tech add-ons is probably the most important factor when considering what kinds of add-on options to upsell. 59% of consumers have been polled as mass adopters, which is a car consumer audience that likes tech but does not care for it unless it is easy and simple to use. Think of the Apple approach, which favors intuitive and easy to use functions in iPhones and iPads.

Although it may seem like a big commitment to invest in new technologies, simply focus on the long-term payoff in meeting future customer demands. In order to meet the incoming generation’s appetite for modern cars, a few tech upgrades could go a long way for your bottom line.

A great first step is selling Kahu, a GPS-based mobile app that lets customers track their cars and monitor driving behavior. Go here for more information.

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