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Are You Worried About the Driver Shortage?

Here are four reasons why you need telematics in your driver retention plan.

The trucking and transportation industry is facing a serious labor shortage. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), we’re currently looking at a shortage of 35,000 to 40,000 truck drivers nationwide. And they estimate that another 100,000 drivers will be needed to keep up with the demand of a growing economy. Plus, nearly 14 percent of the current driver workforce is between 55 and 65 years old, with a significant number of those drivers planning to retire in the not so distant future.

All of this adds up to trucking companies no longer just competing for loads, but also competing for drivers. Recruiting the next generation of drivers to fill the void left by an aging workforce has become a top priority for many trucking companies. To attract drivers, trucking companies are offering better pay, more robust medical coverage, training scholarships, and more time at home with their families. But better benefits may not be enough to draw the drivers you need to keep your loads moving.

What you need is an innovative strategy for attracting and keeping drivers. A critical part in your Driver Retention program should be a GPS tracking and telematics solution, connecting you to the real-time data you need to increase driver productivity, earnings and satisfaction.

Here are four reasons to look at a telematics solution like Spireon FleetLocate to retain drivers:

  1. Get Drivers Back On the Road
    With real-time GPS positioning data and on-demand trailer tracking, your drivers can simply use their smart phones to instantly locate the exact trailer they need, saving them hours they’d otherwise spend hunting down assets and manually checking to see whether they’re empty.
  2. Keep Drivers Moving
    The right telematics solution will allow you to automate preventative maintenance, improving the effectiveness and accuracy of your trailer upkeep. Better maintained equipment means fewer mechanical issues that can take your drivers off the road or hit them with a violation.
  3. Save Drivers Time
    Imagine no longer having to ask drivers to perform manual yard counts. A powerful telematics system automatically and instantly updates every time a trailer enters or leaves a yard, ensuring you have an accurate, up-to-the-minute count of all assets at every location.
  4. Don’t Delay Your Drivers
    Drivers lose countless hours and income waiting around at yards for detained trailers. Spireon FleetLocate with Detention Optimization equips you with the detention data you need to track and reduce detention time so drivers spend less time waiting and more time moving live loads.

By making the most of your drivers’ time, getting them back on the road with live loads faster, and moving trailers that operate at peak performance, a telematics solution can be a powerful tool in attracting experienced, high-performing drivers – and keeping them.

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