COVID-19 and Trucking

COVID-19 and Trucking: Industry News for April 13

Selected COVID-19 and trucking industry news that may impact your business.

As of April 13, 2020:

FMCSA Expanded FAQ on Licensing Issues During COVID

On April 13, 2020, FMCSA issued an Expanded Frequently Asked Questions document to provide insight on specific licensing issues affected by the COVID-19 Emergency. The FAQs answer several questions specific to SDLA operations that clarify existing regulations and provide guidance on how to operate in compliance with existing rules. Of interest to motor carriers are several questions related to endorsements, credential renewal and issuance. Below is a brief summary.

  • Drivers seeking to renew a HazMat endorsement are still required to retake the HazMat knowledge test.
  • Drivers seeking a double/triple trailer endorsement are still required to pass the knowledge test before it is issued.
  • A state may not issue a CLP/CDL to a driver who to a driver who has never held a medical certificate and is not covered by the existing emergency waiver.
  • A driver who’s medical status has changed to “not certified” or has had their CLP/CDL downgraded automatically when the driver’s medical certificate expired may continue to operate a CMV during the emergency provide the terms of the existing emergency waiver are met.
  • States may not issue a CLP or CDL without first conducting the required knowledge and skills tests. States may submit plans for FMCSA’s approval on how they might conduct alternative testing while preserving public safety.

The FAQs are designed to provide additional clarity but should be read in the context of the rules they address to ensure compliance.

FMCSA Grants Waiver to Allow Third Party CDL Skills Testing During COVID-19

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On April 9, 2020 FMCSA issued an additional waiver in response to the COVID-19 Emergency that allows Commercial Driver’s License third-party skills test providers to also administer the CDL knowledge exam without a State Driver’s License Agency (SDLA) employee present. Under the waiver, third-party testers must have already completed a CDL skills tests examiner training course prior to April 9, 2020, and must have maintained a CDL test examiner certification. SDLAs are not required to provide formal training to third party examiners but must provide written training/instructional materials. The exemption expires June 30, 2020, or the end of the emergency, whichever is sooner. Read More

COVID-19 updates: Truck drivers, airline pilots now exempt from Utah’s self-declaration request


On April 9, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert issued an order requiring a travel declaration for all vehicles entering the state. On Friday, Herbert clarified that order, issuing a series of exemptions, including for truck drivers. Read More

One more state to allow truck parking at weigh stations during COVID-19 crisis

CDL Life

Officials in Georgia say that truckers are welcome to park and rest at weigh station locations as they deliver supplies during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Coronavirus crisis boosts trucker relief fund donations


The coronavirus pandemic is raising awareness and large donations for a 12-year-old nonprofit charity dedicated to helping sick and injured semi-truck drivers. Just this week, multimodal third-party logistics provider C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRW) donated $50,000 to the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, named for the patron saint of transportation. Read More

Satellites Are Helping to Track Food Supplies in the Coronavirus Era

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As the coronavirus pandemic leads to anxiety over the strength of the world’s food supply chains, everyone from governments to banks are turning to the skies for help. Read More

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