ELD Grace Period Ends 4/1

The ELD grace period ends 4/1, so make sure you’ve protected your company from violations that hit your CSA score.

Before April 1, drivers who are required to use ELDs to record their hours of service could be issued a citation during a roadside inspection, but the violation did not count against a carrier’s CSA score.

As of April 1, you no longer get that pass.

That means if you haven’t installed your ELD system yet, you’re courting fines.

Worse, if you’ve installed the wrong ELD, you’re courting driver dissatisfaction, wasted time and money, and more.

Either way, you need to see FleetLocate Compliance, a new ELD solution that offers:

  • Easy ELD compliance for your drivers and fleet managers
  • Flexible management of your mixed fleet—trucks, cars, vans, trailers
  • Complete management system—fleet management, ELD, and more
  • The proven FleetLocate application
  • And much more

Need to learn more about ELDs and HOS Compliance? Visit the ELD Resource Center.

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