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Features Making Your Life Easier & More Profitable

We happily cater to customers looking for a comprehensive solution to help grow their business and bottom line. When you want power and reliability, Spireon’s GoldStar® has you covered with detailed location history, reference and STIPs validation, proactive alerts, quick locates and effective recovery workflows. And that’s just the start.

Location Genie™

Monitor your asset history data and predict the most probable location of your vehicle at any given time. With a revolving 25-hour heartbeat, GoldStar automatically accumulates data and calculates where a vehicle will be any hour, on any day of the week. Easily access and filter to your desired day and time.

Recovery Link

As simple as 1,2,3 – automatically send a secure link to a recovery agent’s mobile device via email or SMS with just 3 clicks. Streamline your workflow with agents and increase your success rates by making real-time locates and history available at your agent’s fingertips, and giving them the ability to enable a vehicle’s starter.

Reference Genie™

Eliminate the time and manual effort needed to validate customer references and STIPs. With GoldStar’s patented Reference Genie™, data is automatically collected and analyzed to validate work and home addresses – no phone call or manual report needed. Simple and discreet, just make the sale and move on to the next.

Data Rich Reporting

Access vital information so that you can take action quickly. Create daily reports that matter most to your business such as Auto Report History customized to ping up to 4 times a day, Drive and Stop Reports, GeoFence and GeoZone Violations, as well as reports to help you easily manage inventory and installation requests.

Consolidated Portfolio View

Whether your portfolio is large or small, GoldStar’s Consolidated Portfolio View makes monitoring all loans – even across multiple dealerships – quick and easy. The dashboard is even accessible via your mobile device enabling portfolio management on the go. .

Payment Reminders

Easily help buyers stay on track with payment reminders while decreasing your risk and collecting more on-time payments. With a simple click of a button, you can turn the warning reminder on and off, as well as enable or disable starter interrupt. Simply add our payment reminder accessory to your hardware!

GeoZone, GeoFence

Know when your assets are driven into or out of a particular area like a tow lot as soon as the vehicle hits the perimeter/ boundary that is set.

GeoFences are hardware based destinations that will send you alerts, up to 10 per vehicle, notifying you if a vehicle crosses a certain boundary.
GeoZones lets you set unlimited zones around a location, such as impound lots, and sends alerts to a specified user if the zone is entered.

Proactive Alerting

With customized reports, you can set up convenient alerts that enable you to manage your business and proactively address problems before they occur.

Tow Lot Alerts
Abandoned Vehicle Alerts
Auto Report Alerts
Stop Report Alerts
Battery Disconnect Alerts
GeoFence and GeoZone Alerts
And more

DMS Integration

GoldStar works with leading DMS partners to provide a seamless integration between dealer management systems and GoldStar products providing an easy way to handle multiple aspects of business at one time.

Wayne Reaves
Deal Pack (NEW!)
Auto Action (Coming Soon)

Excessive Mileage

GoldStar helps you identify unusual use of your vehicles and proactively mitigate extreme reconditioning costs. This unique report provides early warning of driver behavior that could greatly accelerate vehicle depreciation.

Express Installation

Spireon provides the largest certified installation network in the industry. With over 300+ insured installers, our team can fulfill your install request within 24-48 hours, as well as deliver a 15% performance improvement over self-installs.