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Proactive GPS Vehicle Tracking for One or More Dealerships

Proactively service your loans with Spireon’s Notifier GPS asset tracking package, which includes advanced reports, easy-view dashboard and our powerful Location and Reference Genies. A more robust GPS vehicle tracking system with a number of added features, Notifier is the ideal solution for dealerships with multiple locations.

Faster, Smarter Vehicle Recovery

Analyze vehicle location trends with our patented Location Genie™, so you can accurately track current locations and predict future locations via the vehicles history. Easily direct recovery agents with our quick Recovery Link feature. With a simple click, automatically send a link via email or SMS with real-time location information for faster, more efficient and effective recoveries.

GPS Tracking Software Made Simple

Simply log into our web-based user interface and start managing your vehicles. With no hardware to buy or complex software to install and learn, getting your team up and running with GoldStar Notifier is easy.

Built-in Data Security Compliance

Rest assured your data is protected. Notifier utilizes a secure, cloud-based environment with a multi-layered security network, including nationwide data centers, each adhering to strict protocols.

Key Features

Reference Genie

Verify work and home addresses, without phone calls.

Group Commands

Run the same commands on multiple devices at once.

Location Genie

Accurately predict where to send your recovery agents.


Quickly get vital insight and take action as needed.

GeoZones & GeoFences

Monitor specific locations such as an impound lot.

Custom Auto Reports

Set select vehicles to ping up to four times per day.

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