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How Fleets Can Create a Better Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the quality of customer service can make or break a company. Whether your organization is large or small, improved customer service can lead to improved customer retention, increased customer acquisition, lower customer service costs and greater revenue potential.

And as we all know, businesses that provide poor customer service can experience a negative impact on their bottom line. According to research by NewVoiceMedia, U.S. businesses lose about $41 billion a year to poor customer service.

Measure the Quality of your Customer Service

Examine the following key performance indicators in your fleet when evaluating the overall quality of your customer service.

  • Customer Satisfaction – Perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to see how your customers rate your service. The survey can be very simple, and can consist of satisfaction or service rankings.
  • Customer Retention – Keep track of how many customers come back to you for additional services and/or products. Compare this number to the number of customers you may have lost. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus on how you can keep current customers.

Key takeaway: Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their initial service purchase.

  • Customer Conversions – Track the frequency with which you’ve been converting prospects into paying customers. If you’re hearing that your prospects go to another customer, find out why. Is it price point or even poor customer service?
  • Competitive Comparison – Measure your customer service against your key competitors, by researching how they are attracting and retaining their customers. You can even hire a secret shopper to evaluate your competitors’ customer service or read online reviews to see the general perception on their level of service.
  • Customer Complaints – Are you experiencing a high volume of complaints? If they are all related to similar issues, identify the source of your complaints to find out what isn’t working well.

The Role of Telematics in the Customer Service Experience

Having to ensure on-time and quality service performance can be tricky when managing a fleet of vehicles and a mobile workforce. Which is why more companies with service vehicles are now turning to telematics or fleet management solutions to help them maximize their customer service.

How a fleet management solution can enhance your customer satisfaction, referrals and revenue:

  1. Keep Customers Informed – Give your customers accurate estimated times of arrival by tracking your vehicles’ locations from each customer site. They’ll appreciate having the accurate ETA.
  2. Quicker Response and Service – You may on occasion receive sudden calls from customers who need servicing. By using your fleet management system, you’ll be able to identify the nearest available field agent to service the customer.
  3. Improved Productivity – You’ll always know where your drivers are and if they’re currently servicing a customer. This will lead to improved productivity across the board.
  4. Proactive Maintenance – Stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down time by using your fleet management system to monitor your maintenance schedules. You’ll also receive alerts when regular maintenance is due.
  5. Competitive Advantage – By using fleet management software to solidify your business’ reputation for being responsive, reliable and on-time, your customers will be more inclined to refer your business to their friends and family.

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