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How Spireon Delivers Rich Data Analytics through the IoT

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is about connecting things that need monitoring to those that are managing them. There are many things, from small to large, that can be connected. Some of these things could be your home appliances and utilities, work machinery, industrial systems, cars and many others. At Spireon, we focus on connecting things in the automotive and transportation space. For example, we help connect car owners to their vehicles, fleet managers to their fleets of trucks, and transportation companies to their trailers and shipping containers.

How Spireon delivers IoT Benefits

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Spireon’s IoT solution enables connectivity from users to their objects via sensors. Network enabled sensors are placed on the items we monitor, which collect data about these objects, and deliver it to our systems over secure communication channels. Communicating this data is central to how we help our customers collect information on and manage their vehicles.

Our NSpire platform, a rich data collection and analysis platform, collects and processes information on vehicles and assets, and enables two-way communication for management and control. It also analyzes and produces deep insights about the operations and health of the vehicles that are tracked. As a result, we provide the business intelligence needed to act on those insights. We also build best-in-class web and mobile applications and APIs on top of our platform in order to give customers easy and intuitive access to actively manage their vehicles and assets, at anytime and from anywhere.

What advantages does the NSpire platform provide for me?

In a nutshell, NSpire is Spireon’s latest generation IoT platform built purposefully to service the needs of automotive and transportation telematics customers. It’s built on a foundation of years of experience servicing the special needs of our customers. Our best-in-class applications are built on the strong data processing and analytics that form NSpire’s core, providing several key advantages to our customers:

  • Rapid innovation – reusable common services across multiple products (Automotive, Fleet, Usage Based Insurance, and more)
  • Open API – gives Spireon’s customers and partners easy access to their data and also extends and enriches their product offerings
  • Big Data Insights – supports massive amounts of data and insights generated from vehicles
  • Scalable and Fault Tolerant – Highly scalable and distributed service with no single point of failure
  • Device Agnostic – Our telematics devices support many vehicles from almost every manufacturer. We continue to expand support for new devices and OEM vehicle connections as they come to the market
  • Full IoT lifecycle management – complete end-to-end support from device ordering, fulfillment, installation, monitoring, control and data management, to end of life. Spireon can handle it all for our customers

Spireon has been connecting customers with their vehicles and managing assets on their behalf for over a decade, well before IoT became a popular term. We have connected thousands of customers and processed huge volumes of data during that time.

We have over 2.5 million connected vehicles and assets and 20 billion driving miles recorded per year. And we are adding 1.2+ million new connections each year. Based on a proven platform that was designed to support the explosive growth of the IoT, Spireon is a partner you can trust and depend on to securely handle your current and future monitoring and management needs.

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