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How to Keep Your Fleet from Being Caught on Camera

Back in 2010, CBS Los Angeles conducted a 3-month investigation of city fleet workers. What they found was astonishing. While on the clock, one worker drove a fleet vehicle to a liquor store, made a purchase, then proceeded to drink behind the wheel. Another fleet vehicle was followed to a local strip club where workers were caught on camera going in and staying for over 2 hours.

While this may be a wild tale, any fleet owner or manager could be caught off guard by their employees and fleet vehicle drivers. Without being able to ride along with every driver, every day, you simply don’t know what they might be doing. And that leaves you open to liability from accidents, lost business from customers and so much more. Whether you have 2 fleet vehicles or 200, it’s vital to protect yourself.

By tapping into the power of GPS vehicle tracking and telematics, any fleet owner or manager can gain the insight they need to operate their fleet safely and more efficiently. Here are 4 key reasons to choose telematics to improve your bottom line and ensure your drivers aren’t caught on camera:

  1. Real-Time Vehicle Locates: Know where vehicles are located with one click and verify that your drivers are at the right location and on the job. Real-time visibility into fleet vehicles and drivers is vital to reducing risky driving, monitoring productivity and protecting vehicles.
  2. Driver Behavior Monitoring: Identify and reduce risky driving like speeding and hard braking and acceleration in order to protect your drivers, as well as safeguard your business against accidents, liability, and excessive wear and tear on fleet vehicles.
  3. Efficient Dispatch and Routing: Find the best routes even when there’s traffic or construction clogging up the roads. And in case of a customer emergency or last minute addition, reroute your closest driver for faster service and greater productivity.
  4. Vehicle Mileage Tracking: The best way to keep your drivers safely on the road and productive is to keep your vehicles in optimal shape. The right telematics solution will allow you to track vehicle mileage and alert you when it’s time for routine maintenance.

While most fleets won’t be caught up in scandal, there’s something to be said about having the peace of mind that only comes from a telematics solution like Spireon’s FleetLocate. We’d love for you to take a test drive and see what it can do for your entire operation. So, get in touch today for a free demo.

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