Hut, Hut, Hike! Score a Touchdown with GoldStar GPS

Football season is here. So grab your lucky jersey, throw some burgers on the grill and start tracking your favorite team as they make their way to an epic season!

But instead of sitting on the couch watching the game, you could be in the stadium cheering and high-fiving the person next to you.


Schedule a GoldStar GPS demo, and you’ll be entered to win two FREE football tickets to a local team of your choice.

Not convinced? Let’s backup and start with a football analogy.

In football, you have a lot of key players from your coach to your quarter back to your offense, defense and your backups or reserves in case of any injuries. With your dealership, you have your general manager, finance, sales, your cars and more. If your general manager is like your coach, they’ll be calling the plays and making sure things run smoothly. Your sales team will be running the plays, and if they’re successful, cars will be sold and moved out of your lot. For a good defense, you’ll need security in place to monitor your cars at night to protect your valuable assets.

That’s where GoldStar GPS comes in for a touchdown (and a field goal!). With GoldStar GPS you’ll be the MVP:
  • Easily manage your lot inventory
  • Use GPS tracking to find a vehicle with one click
  • Run automated STIPs and reference verification
  • Pull reports and locate cars at the same time
  • Use a smart phone to auto-populate VINs
  • Track down and recover stolen vehicles quickly and cost effectively

So make a MVP move and schedule your free GoldStar GPS demo today*. Remember, you could win two free football tickets, making you the MVP with your friends as well.

Schedule your GoldStar GPS demo to be entered to win two FREE football tickets.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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