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There are many moving parts to your dealership.

From operations to customer service or marketing, missed opportunities and inefficiencies can erode profits and prevent growth. But how do you stay connected to everything going on at your dealership?

The answer has never been simpler: Kahu. Kahu is Connected Car and Stolen Vehicle Recovery technology built for dealers. It helps you: simplify inventory management and protect assets, target customers for return service with precision and add profit to every vehicle sold.

Lot Management

  • View inventory across lots
  • Find stolen vehicles with 24×7 GPS
  • See on/off lot status
  • Pinpoint cars with low batteries
  • Locate test-drive vehicles in seconds with app

Service Retention

  • Send service reminders based on GPS-tracked mileage
  • Maximize services still under warranty
  • Monitor lease mileage

Finance & Insurance

  • Make non-cancelable F&I revenue
  • Sell a high-value product to customers
  • Avoid conflict with existing menu items

Gain all of this insight and see the big picture with a single solution: Kahu

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