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Pan American Express Doubles Trailer Utilization with Fleet Management System

GPS trailer tracking enabled Pan American Express to double their trailer utilization rate from 18% to 36%, improve customer satisfaction and reduce equipment expenses by at least $35,000. These improvements are big, considering that Pan American Express operates more than 800 trailers that are always moving in and out of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Achieving these results started with the company testing 4 different trailer tracking solutions. In the end, they chose Spireon FleetLocate for its winning attributes: enduring device battery life, easy to use software, expanded network coverage, and focus on customer service. With the help of Spireon’s tracking solution, Panamex was able to make a big impact on their operations.

To learn how Pan American Express achieved operational improvements and much more, read the editorial story on Field Technologies.

For more information on how Spireon FleetLocate can help your business, visit us here.

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