You need a vehicle telematics solution that keeps you connected to your data no matter where your connected vehicles roam. That’s why Spireon gives customers the industry’s only 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring access to our cloud-based applications and user interface 99.9% of the time – 24/7/365.Our no-cost performance guarantee covers 12 months of service, and excludes any service issues with third-party applications or issues beyond our control. See complete terms and conditions.

Our 99.9% Performance Guarantee is the result of over 18 months’ investment in developing our award-winning Spireon NSpire open connected vehicle platform. Recognized as a leading platform by multiple respected industry organizations, Spireon NSpire is our supremely reliable, scalable and the secure cloud-based environment is comprised of state-of-the-art servers, databases, data centers, wireless networks — and underneath it all, our robust telematics software.Spireon NSpire is what allows us to guarantee the performance of your Spireon mobile resource management solution. In fact, Spireon NSpire currently supports more than 2 billion data events every year and near 4 million subscribers with the capacity to add a billion more — without impacting service availability. Spireon NSpire will support your business goals, with the reliable performance and results you demand.

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