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Fleet operators have a number of factors to think about up to and in the winter months, with driver safety being among the most important. Winter weather leaves everyone more susceptible to traffic incidents, and truck drivers are often at even greater risk during these conditions.

Join FreightWaves and Spireon for an informative discussion of how companies can work to improve safety and efficiency during the winter months.You can watch key short clips from the webinar, or watch the entire webinar.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common causes of accidents during the winter months
  • Driver education and accident prevention
  • Importance of regular maintenance
  • And more

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As Director of Safety at the Erb Group of Companies for more than 16 years, Tom Boehler has been responsible for creating and managing the company’s safety and loss prevention programs. He oversees all safety, compliance and security programs for the Erb Group of Companies. In addition, he has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of transportation positions including Safety Manager, Driver Trainer, and Tractor Trailer Driver. He also serves on the Tractor Trailer Commercial Driver Trade Board for Ontario Colleges of Trades and the National Working Group Committee for Trucking HR Canada.

At FreightWaves, Dean Croke is active in vehicle telematics, data analytics, data science and standards development at BiTA. Prior to joining FreightWaves, Croke was Vice President of Data Products at Spireon, where he led the development of high-frequency telematics data products. He also ran Lancer’s long-haul truck insurance business after years as Vice President of Omnitracs Analytics, where he developed data science technologies for transportation companies. Croke was one of the founders of FleetRisk Advisors (which became Omnitracs Analytics) and has 35 years of experience in data analytics, transportation, supply chain management, data mining and insurance risk management.