Are You Saying, ‘Welcome Back’ to Your Customers?

If you’re in the business of selling cars, then you know that your business is really about retaining customers. According to Business Insider, the most profitable part of a dealer’s business is not the sale of a fancy new car, but rather in the service and parts department.

Today, customers are getting savvy with their car buying experience from researching of the bells and whistles to utilizing online services to understand the actual value and price they should pay for the car of their dreams. And many customers, when they step onto your lot, know exactly which car they want to test drive and perhaps buy.

With this in mind, car dealers need to be prepared both during the car buying experience and after the customer drives off the lot with their new set of wheels. You may think that creating a stellar customer experience during the transaction will be enough, but you need to reinforce your value and customer-focused attitude down the road so you can drive return service to build profits for your business while creating customer loyalty to your dealership.

So, how can you drive more customer retention?

Service Mileage Alerts

Many dealers send automated service reminder messages and offers to their customers based on average miles driven. If a customer happens to be in the right mileage range, they may think, “Awesome, I need to take my car to the dealer.” However, using average mileage means you’re guessing, and if you’re wrong, your message will be inaccurate and seen as an intrusive marketing email that they don’t want. Let’s face it, all of us receive too many emails to begin with and getting an email that isn’t useful is just clutter.

Accurate Service Mileage Alerts

With Kahu, you’re able to view actual GPS-tracked miles so you can send accurate and relevant service reminders. That means that you know when your customer is ready for an oil change or for their recommended service maintenance. Not only will you be able to send relevant information to your customer, but you’re showcasing your value and knowledge. Plus, you can send a related coupon or discount to make your alerts relevant and customized to your customers.

GPS-tracked miles help customers keep vehicles under warranty and maximize services while Kahu’s robust features allows the dealer to keep track of all of their customers’ needs including those who lease.

How Does It Work?

Kahu allows you to set mileage thresholds by vehicle type, select the alert type and frequency and can alert you when customers are nearing thresholds, arming your team with the knowledge they need to start the right conversations with their customers. Engage consumers post-sale with My Dealer, Kahu’s new dealership-branded customer retention module within the consumer mobile app. The convenience of click-to-call contact numbers, driving directions and in-app access to service appointment scheduling, helps build customer loyalty and fill your service drive. Learn more about growing service revenues and customer retention with My Dealer.

Let’s Start the Right Conversations

It’s time to transform the way you do business. Build customer loyalty and bring profits to your service and maintenance department with Kahu, the only Connected Car and stolen vehicle recovery tool that gives dealers insight into customers.

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