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Spireon SkyLink® PowerSport GPS Tracking for Recreational Vehicles

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Performance and results. That’s what makes your power sport experience outstanding. SkyLink® PowerSport brings those same qualities to theft protection for your recreational vehicles. From motorcycles to ATVs and waverunners, we protect your toys and make it our top priority to help you recover them if stolen.

24/7 Location Visibility

Locate your power sport vehicles virtually 100% of the time across the continental U.S. Simply access an online dashboard from any device with an internet connection to view real-time location and receive email and text alerts.

Theft Recovery

Unlike other recovery systems, SkyLink® PowerSport treats theft like a ‘crime in process,’ immediately dispatching law enforcement to your vehicle’s location.

Powerful Alerts

Set parameters then automatically receive text and email alerts when your vehicle exceeds a designated speed, moves out of a GeoFence location or is low on battery.

Key Features

GPS Location Tracking

Know where your vehicles are with virtually 100% coverage across the U.S., and recover them if stolen.

Speed Alerts

Set limits, then automatically get notified when your vehicle exceeds your designated safe speed.

Durable and Discrete

Tracking device is built to last –  compact and discrete, vibration resistant and water resistant.

GeoFence Alerts

Set designated areas your vehicle can and cannot enter or exit. Receive alerts if boundaries are crossed.

History Reporting

Simply choose the date range, then view detailed history by location, GeoFence, trip and speed.

Low Battery Alert

Only draws 4ma from your vehicle battery, and alerts you if the battery is low.

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