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Spireon SkyLink® Protect GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicles transport your most important assets, so it’s important to safeguard them. SkyLink® Protect provides powerful tools to help keep your family safe behind the wheel. Real-time vehicle monitoring combined with customizable event-driven alerts and configurable GeoFence boundaries, are conveniently accessible from your mobile device or computer. It’s also a recovery tool for stolen vehicles, offering greater comfort that your assets are safe.

Protect Your Family

Via an easy-to-use online tool, SkyLink® shows you where your family is and makes you a ‘virtual passenger’ – important with risky drivers like teens and the elderly. View driving behavior like speeding, so you can address, correct and protect.

Locate Your Vehicle 24/7

SkyLink Protect combines powerful satellite GPS and cellular networks to precisely monitor and communicate your vehicle’s location and status giving you 24/7 visibility virtually nationwide.

Recover Stolen Vehicles

GPS tracking enables SkyLink Protect to pinpoint vehicle location. If your vehicle is stolen, simply alert the SkyLink team who will work directly with law enforcement to recover your vehicle.

Key Features

Driver Safety

View how drivers are performing on the road to address and fix unsafe driving.

Fully Transferrable

Can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your vehicle – a great value-add for used car buyers.

24/7 Tracking

In real-time, pinpoint your vehicles, and set up GeoFences so you know when vehicles enter or leave a location.

Easy to Use

View your vehicle information from any mobile device with an internet connection.

Nationwide Coverage

Enjoy comprehensive, nationwide coverage – tracking and locating at virtually 100%.

Non-Intrusive Device

Rest assured, the SkyLink device is easily installed and carries a small footprint.

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