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Introducing the Industry’s
Open Connected Vehicle

Build services for near 4 million subscribers on the Industry’s Largest Open Connected Vehicle platform.

Through Spireon’s NSpire open platform, the company works with partners and developers to create custom applications that get the most out of the Big Data generated from connected vehicles. NSpire uses open APIs (application programming interfaces) to connect with partners and a full ecosystem of vehicle and device manufacturers.

As new vehicles and data demands increase, the open platform enables customers to customize, add new functionality, and consistently have access to their most important assets and information at their fingertips without any costly and complicated re-engineering of systems.

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Current Integration Partners

TMW Systems

FleetLocate’s integration with TMW dispatch systems allows fleet managers to capture the most current GPS positioning information for any trailer in the fleet – tethered or untethered – allowing your dispatch operators to make faster, smarter decisions.

McLeod Software

FleetLocate’s integration with McLeod LoadMaster® Enterprise system gives your logistics teams the convenience of seeing their tractors, trailers, drivers and loads all on one screen. You’ll also receive real-time updates when your trailers move and the ability to track the actual mileage as it accumulates.

Automotive Telematics


For over 20 years, AutoStar Solutions has provided dealer management software solutions to independent automotive dealers and finance companies located in the United States. Their web-based software solutions have enabled clients to automate and simplify activities while staying compliant with state and federal regulations.

Frazer DMS

Trusted by over 12,500 used car dealerships across the U.S., Frazer is a leading provider of dealership software. Dealerships turn to Frazer’s comprehensive DMS to help them manage inventory, process applications, set up electronic contracts, bank contracts and BHPH deals, service loans, automate accounting tasks, and manage their dealerships with increased efficiency and productivity.

Finance Express DMS

Finance Express offers FEX DMS, the industry’s first 100% web-based dealer management software. FEX DMS improves efficiencies across a range of vehicle management including expenses, valuations, descriptions, and online vehicle distribution, as well as sales, customer and lead tracking tools, along with powerful custom reporting and data exporting capabilities. FEX DMS software packages are available for BHPH, lenders, and accounting integration.

Wayne Reaves Software

Wayne Reaves is a full-service provider of dealer management software and websites for independent auto dealers looking to provide user-friendly car programs, cash sales, detailed financing and more. One of the Southwest’s most successful auto dealers for over 25 years, Wayne Reaves has been refining his dealer management software since 1987. Today, Wayne Reaves DMS provides web-based inventory and repair management, sales tracking, finance and insurance calculations, CRM, accounting features, bank contract set-up, and administrative and legal functionality.