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Do you have existing customer relationships with
Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealers, Subprime Lenders, or Rental Companies?

If so, you can unlock new revenue streams by selling the industry’s leading GPS solution: GoldStar. Help your customers make business decisions easier while reducing risk with GoldStar’s vehicle insights and tools for location history, reference verification, payment reminders, geofence and impound lot alerts, easy recovery, and predictive analytics. As a GoldStar Agent or Referral Partner, you can help your customers protect their assets so they can focus on growing their business.

A Great Market Opportunity

7M vehicles sold in the subprime market each year

Delinquencies are on the rise – lenders need solutions today

Software, hardware and airtime bundles make GoldStar easy to buy

The GoldStar Difference

Four times larger than the next largest competitor

Over 300+ certified installers across the U.S.

24x7 award-winning customer support

Three packaging options to suit businesses of every size