how to talk to employees about gps tracking

How to Squash the “Big Brother” Issue with Your Drivers

If any of your drivers are resistant to using GPS vehicle tracking and telematics, or if you hear any “big brother” grumblings, it’s paramount to communicate with your team right away.

Many of Spireon’s customers resolve this issue by simply helping their drivers understand the benefits of using our GPS solution and how telematics can work to their advantage. Typically, drivers see that the right tool will actually save them countless hassles by helping them perform their best on the road.

Here are three key points to communicate with your drivers about GPS tracking and telematics:

  1. Proves Employees are Right
    Has a customer complained a driver was late? Have they ever tried to dispute a bill, claiming that your driver was only at a location for a short period of time? With telematics technology, your drivers can prove that they were at a location on-time and for an extended period, so customers can no longer get away with disputing bills.
  2. Ensures Drivers are Safer
    When driving is a part of your job, it’s easy to slip into auto-pilot. Telematics helps your drivers focus and become more aware of their driving behaviors. Plus, the real-time information you receive enables you to act right away, so you can coach drivers before there’s an accident and before any wear-and-tear slows down your vehicles.
  3. Assists Stolen Vehicle Recovery
    If your company doesn’t have a telematics solution, your driver can be instantly sidelined in case of a worst case scenario – a stolen vehicle. With GPS tracking technology, fleet vehicles can be quickly located and recovered, saving your company money and reducing stress for your driver.

Most importantly, introduce a telematics solution to employees with excitement and positivity. After all, it’s a tool that will help your entire team work more efficiently, reduce daily hassles and disputes, as well as keep your drivers’ vehicles in tip-top shape. And that’s good news for everyone.

Want to learn more? Check out Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking solution, Fleetlocate.

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