Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Cars

The Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Cars. Is your Car on the List?

Here is a list of the top 10 most stolen cars in 2014, according to the NICB. Total thefts for each car run up in the thousands.

  1. Honda Accord

“Honestly, if I want your car, I will get it,” he said. “Hondas are the easiest to steal. The ignitions are easy.” – Ex-Car Thief, 9News.

Honda Accord
  1. Honda Civic

My civic was stolen and recovered. Found that the ignition was taken out. They removed two screws and voila, start up without a key.” – Youtube, “How they stole my Honda civic.”

Honda Civic
  1. Ford Pickup

“You can steal these trucks with a screwdriver,” – Lt. Scott Dombrowski, Houston Police Dept,

Ford Truck
  1. Chevrolet Pickup

“If you do own a Chevy pickup truck be on the lookout for it…If you are going to park it in the drive way, if you have a second vehicle park it behind it.” – Sgt. Rudy Luna,

Chevy Truck
  1. Toyota Camry

“The Camry has been one of the bestselling cars in America for decades, with more than 7 million sold. All of those Camrys make an appealing target for thieves.” – AutoTrader

Toyota Camry
  1. Dodge Pickup

“About 4 a.m. Sept. 17, thieves stole her husband’s 2001 Dodge Ram pickup…” –

Dodge Truck
  1. Dodge Caravan

“They’re easy to steal and they’re easy to use for other crimes.” – Police Chief Mike McGarth, Cleve Scene.

Dodge Caravan
  1. Nissan Altima

3 idling cars stolen within 3 hours in a community — one of which was a 2002 Nissan Altima. –

Nissan Altima
  1. Acura Integra

“It is insanely easy to steal an Integra. If you street park it long enough, you’ll come back to find an empty parking space. I live in a low-crime neighborhood, but that didn’t stop people from stealing it anyways.” – graytotoro, Reddit Poster

Acura Integra
  1. Nissan Maxima

A Nissan Maxima owner had his car stolen completely stripped of its parts in one night. See the story here.

Nissan Maxima

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Photos courtesy of Wikipedia

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