Track Your Teen Driver and Build Trust

A new teen driver means new things to worry about: expensive insurance, where they are, are they driving too fast, did they make it home safe? These worries combined can consume a parent, or it can motivate to build a stronger relationship with your new teen driver.

Have an open line of communication when it comes to how Kahu will benefit the both of you. You don’t want to damage a good relationship by making your teen feel you’re installing a device to snitch on them. Use the opportunity to address behavior like: speeding, going to places that they were told not to, and engaging in other dangerous driving habits. Kahu is installed so that it’s seamlessly integrated with the car, unlike other bulky devices. Explain Kahu’s features and how they help you, and your teen, stay sane and protected.

Let them know that you’ll be alerted if they’re speeding. Not only will Kahu send you an alert when they go over a determined speed, it can notify you when they enter, or exit, a geofence. With notifications for speeding and location, a relationship based on trust and transparency can only be strengthened.

Why should you tell your teen that you’ve installed Kahu on their vehicle? If you put the device on your teen’s vehicle without their knowledge, you’re breaching their trust, and if they discover Kahu and don’t tell you they know about it, who’s to say they won’t have a friend drive? It’s recommended to communicate the device’s presence to your teen.

At the end of the day, you will decide how they’ll approach installing Kahu on your teen’s vehicle; but rather than keeping it a secret (something you’d never want your teen to do with you) be transparent about Kahu and how it gives you peace of mind, while at the same time protecting your teen. Kahu can help you be a great parent in the digital age, without being nosy or intrusive.

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