GPS solutions have evolved to the point where you can get much more for your dealership than just a “locate” button.

Some of the leading edge solutions provide dealers the ability to stay ahead of risk. But what’s really useful in these systems, and how do you evaluate them?

Now you can get an inside look at what to consider—which features and benefits will really make a difference on the bottom line for you, including:

  • Impound lots – how the right database and alerts can save you thousands of dollars – move this as the cherry on top as the last item.
  • Vehicle recovery tools – like a secure recovery link and streamlined recovery workflow
  • Work and home verification – know when a default is likely to occur
  • What alerts and reports you really need
  • And much more

Don’t miss this in-depth comparison of different GPS features and what you really need to know about these important systems. Watch it now!

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