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SkyLink® GPS Tracking

For New Car Dealers

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Better Utilization, Better Protection, Better ROI

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SkyLink® for Auto Dealers

Provide Theft Protection and Driver Tracking to Your Customers

Achieving the most profitable sales with the best value-add for your customers is always the end-goal, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine that objective with protecting and monitoring your inventory? SkyLink® solutions do both. Once installed, we help locate and protect your inventory, and when that inventory is sold. We do the same for your customers, as well as show them how their personal vehicles are being driven and how their power sports equipment is being used.

Track Powered and Unpowered Assets

  • Manage Your Inventory – Whether on or off lot, know where your vehicles are 24/7. Get alerts for speeding and low battery. And, set GeoFence parameters so you know when vehicles leave and enter the lot or any other key landmarks.
  • Sell a Valuable Add-On – Join a network of over 800 automotive retail locations who sell SkyLink as a value-added feature for stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and driver monitoring and tracking. SkyLink retailers typically sell the product on over 40% of their vehicles.
  • Protect Against Theft – SkyLink utilizes GPS which pinpoints location, unlike competitors who offer recovery systems that run on FM frequencies that show a vehicle’s vicinity but not its exact location. Also, we work directly with law enforcement to recover your vehicle.
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SkyLink Protect

Protect Family Vehicles with Location, Driver and Theft Tracking

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SkyLink PowerSport

Protect Recreational Vehicles from Theft and Misuse

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