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Get Kahu and equip your vehicle with the latest GPS technology to protect you, your vehicle and make your car smarter.

Telematics App

Pinpoint your car, view alerts, battery status and more via the Kahu mobile app.

24x7 Theft Recovery

We work with law enforcement to recover your vehicle if it is stolen.

Driving Behavior Alerts

Understand how your vehicle is being driven with alerts for speed and boundary.

No Hidden Fees

One time purchase of device, no subscription fees. Fully transferable if vehicle is sold.

Insurance Discounts

May lower insurance costs.

Low Battery Notifications

Receive alerts for low battery to avoid getting stranded.

How Kahu Works

  • 1. Purchase a new car equipped with Kahu GPS technology.
  • 2. Download the Kahu app from the app store.
  • 3. Set and use Kahu telematics features.
  • 4. Have peace of mind that your car and your loved ones are safe while driving with Kahu.

Download Kahu Today

“I travel routinely for work, leaving my car for days at a time in airport parking lots. With Kahu, I worry less about my car getting stolen because I can set alerts for unauthorized movement. Worst case scenario, I am able to respond immediately and use Kahu recovery features to get it back.”

– Chris Mudd, Kahu User

Stolen Vehicles Recovered Faster

Kahu Has You Covered

Kahu National Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery and More

Competitor’s National Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

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