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Spireon provides visibility and insights from connected vehicles to help business run smarter, and people drive safer

GoldStar for BHPH Dealers and Auto Lenders - Spireon


GoldStar® provides BHPH dealers and auto lenders with vehicle location data and insight that helps finance more car buyers, minimize risk, and increase profits.


LoJack® technology helps franchise dealers make money, save money, and retain customers with a combined finance, lot management and service retention product.

GPS Fleet tracking and fleet management for fleet operations - FleetLocate by Spireon


FleetLocate® provides local and long-haul fleets the tools they need to cut costs, maximize fleet efficiency, monitor driver behavior, and manage maintenance and compliance.

GPS Trailer Management and Asset Tracking Solutions - FleetLocate by Spireon


FleetLocate® provides built-from-the-ground-up trailer management solutions so private and for-hire fleets can tackle trailer utilization, manage detention, and do more with less.

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Smarter Car, Smarter You

Our GPS & connected car solutions are trusted by more automotive dealerships in the U.S. than all other competitors combined.

BHPH dealers and auto lenders use GoldStar® to finance more consumers and minimize risk.

With LoJack, we help franchise dealers sell more effectively, operate more efficiently, recover more stolen cars faster, and put more customers in the service drive.

GPS car tracking for BHPH dealers - GoldStar GPS by Spireon
GPS auto tracking for auto lenders, vehicle finance, credit unions - GoldStar GPS by Spireon
GPS auto tracking for Franchise Dealers - Kahu by Spireon
All GPS auto telematics solutions by Spireon

Eyes on Your Assets 24/7/365

Managing assets in the field can get complicated. Spireon’s FleetLocate solution for fleet, trailer and asset management helps you keep operating costs low and customer satisfaction high with instant GPS location information, driver analytics, and custom alerts.

Logistics managers like how we help locate trailers and assets, track mileage, and find inventory. FleetLocate has you covered, from ELD compliance, automated yard checks, trailer cargo sensors, and more.

GPS Fleet Management - FleetLocate by Spireon
FleetLocate GPS Trailer Management by Spireon
GPS Asset Management - FleetLocate by Spireon
All GPS Fleet Management Solutions - FleetLocate by Spireon


There’s no better way to understand how we can help your business than to see our solutions for yourself.


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