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Get Kahu and equip your vehicle with the latest GPS technology to protect you, your vehicle and make your car smarter.


Vehicle Location

Know where your vehicle is at all times right from your phone 

Stolen vehicle recovery icon - Kahu by Spireon

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Average recovery time 26 minutes

Kahu Trip History - Spireon

Trip History

Know where your vehicle has been by date, time, length and more

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Driving Behavior Alerts

Understand how your vehicle is being driven with alerts for speed and geo-boundaries 



Keep your car in good health with service reminders, specials and click-to-schedule 


Recall Notices

View recall notices and schedule an appointment

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Battery Alerts

Receive low battery alerts to avoid getting stranded


Virtual Glove Box

See your history of service records and maintenance schedules in the Kahu app instead of your glove box 

How Kahu Works

  • 1. Purchase a new car equipped with Kahu GPS technology.
  • 2. Download the Kahu app from the app store.
  • 3. Set and use Kahu alerts, geofences, trip history, and more.
  • 4. Have peace of mind that your car and your loved ones are safe while driving with Kahu.
  • 5. Recover your vehicle, if stolen.

Download Kahu Today

Consumer loves Kahu for finding her stolen car - Kahu by Spireon

Learn how Ami Tomlin recovered her Audi Q3 with Kahu.

“As a single mother, I’m thankful for Kahu. Vehicle recovery is time sensitive, and the app allowed me to locate my vehicle and generate a speedy recovery. Vehicle theft can happen to anyone, anywhere; therefore, Kahu is a wonder safety net.”

– Ami Tomlin, Kahu User

Stolen Vehicles Recovered Faster

Kahu recovered stolen Ford Escape vehicle in 26 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen Cadillac Escalade vehicle in 27 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen Mercedes G63 AMG vehicle in 26 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen 2018 BMW X6 vehicle in 28 minutes - Kahu by Spireon

Why consumers love Kahu

Fort Worth Audi case study - Kahu by Spireon

FAQ About Kahu

If you are interested in selling Kahu at your dealership, fill out the form on our Kahu Dealer page here.

If you already have a Kahu device installed in your car and need help with your device or account call (877) 563-0032 or email for support.

Kahu is not currently available to be sold directly to consumers. You may fill out the form below to potentially be notified when Kahu is available for direct purchase in your area.