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Spireon Acquires LoJack® North American Stolen Vehicle Recovery Business
Industry-leading brand merges with best-in-class technology

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Win the sale more often, every time

The average car sale takes four hours to complete. Customers dread it and salespeople need to move on to the next one. When you remove the long-standing barriers that cause sales to drag and customers to lose interest, you have what it takes to stand out.

Introducing sales efficiency from Kahu, a groundbreaking way to save meaningful time on every transaction, boost profit on each vehicle sold, and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

30 Minutes Saved

With the Kahu app, salespeople search, locate, and check status on test drive vehicles in seconds, resulting in deals that close 30 minutes faster on average.

$200–$400 More Per Copy

Quicker deals lead to happier customers who spend more in F&I. Connect and protect their new purchase for $200–$400 more on average.

Lift CSI

Better car buying experiences lead higher CSI scores with Kahu. The higher your CSI scores, the higher your reputation and manufacturer rewards.

Personalize Trade-In Promotions

Accurate GPS mileage helps you market new lease terms to customers and retain them when you’re certain they’re most likely to act.

Lender Advances

Kahu has a long list of lender advances. If your favorite lender isn’t on the list, we’ll work with you to add it.

Proactive Maintenance Alerts

Be a hero by providing preemptive alerts for low batteries, vehicle recalls, service, and promotions via an app that includes your dealership’s branding.

“Kahu saves us at least 35-45 mins minimum. I absolutely recommend Kahu to other dealerships because it benefits all aspects of the sale, benefits all departments within the dealership, and is a profitable F&I product.”

– Juan Ramirez, Finance Director and Matt Asanovich, Sales Director at Precision Toyota


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