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Dealer lot management system for franchise dealers - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu by Spireon - Dashboard and phone view of lot management dashboard and dealer analytics

Your Dealer Lot Management System Should Increase Overall Efficiency and Revenue. That’s Where Kahu Comes In.

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After-hours vehicle movement on your mind?

Let Kahu put your mind at ease. Receive alerts for unauthorized vehicle movement by set time parameters when your dealership is closed.

A Kahu dealer recovered vehicles minutes after receiving after-hours geofence alerts.

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Battery management wasting your time?

Save time on battery management with voltage threshold reports that pinpoint which vehicles need attention. With this Kahu report, you’ll never be caught off guard with a dead battery and will reduce the time your lot porter spends each day starting vehicles.

By pulling a report each morning, you’ll never be caught off guard with a dead battery and will reduce the time your lot porter spends each day starting vehicles.

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Lot checks too time-consuming?

Customers have seen up to a 400% reduction in time spend manually checking inventory. With Kahu, dealers enjoy the flexibility of viewing inventory by lot or down to individual vehicles.

Our customers have seen a 400% reduction in time spent manually checking inventory!

Our dealers say Kahu saves hours in audit time because they can account for and find every vehicle from the Kahu web portal or app.

Streamline Inventory Management and Audits

The Kahu web portal is the smart lot management hub for both independent car dealers and multi-lot car dealership groups. See all vehicle inventory activity and drill down into the details of individual cars.

GPS lot management helps improve how you monitor battery health and analyze test drive performance to make effective business decisions on inventory mix, such as stocking in-demand vehicle models and prioritizing aging inventory.

Improve Sales and the Customer Experience

With the Kahu Dealer app, our dealers say it saves 1-2 car sales per month per sales person; Sales that would have been lost due to lengthy waits or inability to find a car.

Help your sales team pinpoint the location of a test-drive vehicle in seconds, and see battery status to make sure it’s driveable. They can find cars by stock number, VIN or features like model and color. Also check the aging inventory report to see which vehicles they should prioritize.

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“Kahu is a great partner to manage your lot. When you’re trying to do inventory and missing five cars, it can take countless hours to search out [those cars]. [With Kahu], you can tell exactly where the car is at by 4 feet with the click of a button. I would tell everyone that’s looking to save time and energy to go with Kahu.”


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