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Power to the dealer.

Offer a great deal, and consumers may buy from you. Make the process of buying a car hassle-free, and they will come back to you again and again. Kahu connects you to your vehicles, your profits, and most importantly, your customers.

This is Kahu, connected car and stolen vehicle recovery technology built for dealer groups and independent dealers.

New Enhancements

For Dealer Groups

Our latest enterprise-class enhancements lead to seamless vehicle trades, and optics on inventory, location, test drive, and performance data across your entire group — all with a single login.

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Efficient Operations

Knock out tedious tasks.

You’ve got metal to move and a service drive to fill. No one has time to spend hours on inventory audits, battery checks, or dealer trades. Integrate Kahu into your operations, slash major time off tedious tasks, and get back to selling.
Multi-store group management and visibility – NOW AVAILABLE!

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Unparalleled Risk Management

Don’t Get Jacked

Theft is expensive. When margins are tight, paying out of pocket or filing an insurance claim is the last thing you want. Kahu recovers stolen vehicles quickly, and now includes a dealer-only recovery hotline.


Effective Sales

Close sales faster.

In the car buying process, the less friction, the better. Built on Spireon’s leading data analytics platform, Kahu removes long-standing barriers that cause sales to drag and customers to lose interest and confidence.


Superior Service Revenue

Get your cut.

Service is the greatest source of profit at any successful dealership. Timely service reminders and targeted marketing spend from Kahu builds customer loyalty that leads to repeat business and keeps the dollars rolling in.


See what our customers are saying

Precision Toyota saved 30-35 mins to locate vehicles for test drives across their lots as well as improved all aspects of the sales process.

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