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Kahu Improves Every Part Of Your Dealership

Built for dealers, Kahu technology moves far beyond traditional F&I products and impacts every part of your dealership including streamlined lot management to improved customer experiences.


  • Get 24×7 location visibility by lot and individual car
  • Manage inventory across multiple lots
  • Find test-drive cars quickly via mobile app
  • Run battery-management reports daily
  • Receive after-hours movement alerts
  • Reduce theft with virtual fences and geo-boundaries
Lot Management


  • Grow service absorption
  • Set service alerts by model and mileage
  • Automate reports tracking mileage thresholds met by customers
  • Send more accurate service remind
  • Keep track of lease customer mileage thresholds
  • Maximize service under warranty
Service Retention

Add Profit
to Every Vehicle

  • Add non-cancellable revenue
  • Enjoy low upfront investment
  • Give customers a product that protects their car and loved ones
  • Sales support and marketing tools
  • Stay connected and increase the lifetime value of your customers
Increase Profit
24x7 theft recovery icon

Vehicle Recovery

  • Recover stolen vehicles in minutes
  • Reduce financial impact of theft
  • Trust unmatched nationwide network coverage
  • Rely on the Kahu Call Center to work with Law Enforcement
  • Qualify for potential insurance discounts
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

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Kahu connects you to your vehicles, your profits and most importantly, your customers.

Impacting Every Part Of Your Dealership

Utilize our Certified Express team for your initial installation, and we’ll train your service team to do future installs so revenue stays within your dealership.

Reduce manual inventory checks and know exactly where all vehicles are with 24×7 location, dashboards and alerts for on/off lot visibility, low battery, speed and a Find It app for sales associates. We even help recover vehicles if they’re stolen from your lot.

Kahu provides consumers leading Connected Car and Stolen Vehicle Recovery technology that helps connect and protect their vehicles. Features include 24×7 theft recovery concierge where we work directly with law enforcement to recover a vehicle and smartphone alerts for speeding, geo boundaries, low battery and more.

Sell Kahu more easily by utilizing our long list of lenders who have pre-approved advances for Kahu.

To streamline the customer experience, Kahu’s dealer app helps sales associates pinpoint the location of test-drive vehicles by stock number, VIN and features like make and color.

Improve service retention by inviting customers back for service when they reach mileage thresholds measured by GPS rather than time-bound thresholds which can be inaccurate.

24/7 Theft protection

Auto thieves aren’t the Monday to Friday, 9-5 types. That’s why Kahu is here around the clock to provide your dealership and law enforcement with the location tracking needed to recover stolen vehicles – nights, weekends and even holidays.

GPS/Cellular Technology

Discretely installed, Kahu devices are in constant contact with cloud servers to provide law enforcement with up-to-the-minute, location and tracking information. This always-on connectivity is the key to quickly recovering vehicles before it’s too late.

Low Up-Front Investment

No steep start-up fees combined with white-glove support to take the pain out of implementing a new solution, get your staff trained and turn your investment into profits within an average of 3 months.

Valuable F&I Add-On

Sell through is easy with Kahu supplied consumer marketing materials. When a customer buys a Kahu equipped car they can immediately access their private account after downloading the consumer app to their mobile device.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

With unmatched nationwide coverage Kahu puts your mind at ease knowing your or your customers’ vehicles can be found virtually anywhere.

Peoria Ford, the #1 Ford dealership in 44 states has seen:

  • Rise in profits of $1M per year per year
  • Gross per copy increase of more than $400
  • Significant hours saved with Lot Management tools


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