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Dealerships Are Not Immune to Auto Theft

Cars with GPS systems are recovered more often and with less damage than those without, so whether at home or work, a telematics solution like Kahu makes sense. If your car is stolen, it becomes our top priority, and we work with law enforcement to recover it before it ends up stripped down, chopped up or shipped out. A dedicated stolen vehicle recovery hotline provides a higher level of customer care exclusive to Kahu dealers.

Average stolen vehicle recovery time with Kahu, once reported? 26 Minutes.

Be Prepared: A vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds.

Average recovery time WITHOUT Kahu, is 28 DAYS

Average recovery time WITH Kahu is 26 Minutes!

Average National Recovery Rate is 57%

Average Recovery Rate WITH Kahu Is 98%!

See How LoJack® and Kahu® Stack Up Head to Head

For the latest look at stolen vehicle recovery in the United States, download Grand Theft Auto Dealership.


Watch the video to find out more about the Kahu advantage

In addition to quickly recovering stolen vehicles, Kahu saves dealers time, increases efficiency, boosts revenue, and keeps customers happy.

$2.3 Million In Inventory Recovered For Dealers in 2018

Kahu recovered stolen Ford Escape vehicle in 26 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen Cadillac Escalade vehicle in 27 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen Mercedes G63 AMG vehicle in 26 minutes - Kahu by Spireon
Kahu recovered stolen 2018 BMW X6 vehicle in 28 minutes - Kahu by Spireon

Kahu’s National Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Competitor’s National Coverage for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

LoJack stolen vehicle recovery limited coverage map source LoJack

“We’re in a high crime rate area. We’ve had roughly 20 cars stolen. Kahu helps me jump on the website, track those vehicles and recover them with law enforcement.”

– Jon Hansen, General Sales Manager. Burien Nissan