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Fleet Management

Spireon FleetLocate gives you real-time visibility into the performance of your vehicles and drivers.

With our powerful fleet management software, you’ll be able to see where vehicles and drivers are at all times, ensuring the productivity and efficiency it takes to satisfy customers and grow your business.

FleetLocate also gives you insight into driver behavior, so you can uncover and address fuel-wasting habits like excessive idling and more serious issues such as speeding.

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Trailer Management

Our trailer tracking solutions equip you with the tools needed to automate and improve operations.

Spireon FleetLocate comes with a host of benefits, from reducing detention time and automating yard checks, to maximizing trailer utilization and getting your drivers back on the road faster.

We’re committed to seeing your business succeed and grow. As industry leaders and innovators, we’ll put our knowledge and expertise to work for you right out of the gate.

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Asset Management

If your fleet includes vehicles and equipment, you need a fleet management solution with asset tracking.

Whether you have powered or unpowered assets, high value equipment left at job sites, seasonal gear like snow blowers, or a little bit of everything, make sure you know where your assets are 24/7.

Spireon FleetLocate makes managing your mixed fleet easier with reliable GPS devices that are connected to simple to use, web-based software.

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Workforce Management

Get the insight you need to maximize the productivity of service techs and efficiency of your operation.

Spireon’s powerful mobile workforce solution transforms your business. From scheduling and dispatch, to quotes and accounting – you’ll have the ability to take on more jobs with less overhead.

And by pairing Spireon Field Service Management with our FleetLocate GPS vehicle tracking software, you’ll have a complete solution that gives you total command of your vehicles, drivers and bottom line.

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