Amp up your Fleet Safety with CamCoach, the AI Dashcam for Fleets

Built-in sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) monitor inside the vehicle and on the road simultaneously. CamCoach driver intelligence is fully integrated into the FleetLocate experience. Fleet managers have remote visibility into driver’s behaviors. Full access to video recordings and a detailed view of distracted driving events are available so you can reduce liability risk, encourage safe driving, reduce insurance premiums, and reduce costs of claims.

Live Video Streaming – Dual Camera

When CamCoach dashcam is online, live video streaming from road-facing and driver-facing cameras are available to provide real-time insights across your fleet.

In-Cab Driver Alerts

Audio and visual alerts are delivered instantaneously to drivers in the vehicle, acting a live coach to improve driving behavior. Alerts occur for distracted driving and specific events such as cellphone use, smoking, and hard cornering. Fleet managers can easily view a summary of events in the dashcam tab within FleetLocate and plan to provide additional driver coaching as needed.

Stream or Download Historical Recordings

Retrieve video from anytime the vehicle was in motion or review video clips from risky driving events saved in the cloud for 30 days. Video recordings can be used for additional coaching purposes or serve as proof in accidents to protect and exonerate the business from false claims.

CamCoach is available as an add-on to FL360, or any existing FleetLocate vehicle tracking devices.

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