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With new government leaders in place this year, Congress, FMCSA and NHTSA are all considering legislative and regulatory actions that will have a lasting impact on the transportation industry. This webinar discusses changes that are already in progress, as well as any potential changes that are in discussion. Get the latest information regarding the ongoing Greenhouse emissions case (GHG 2), and understand how the final outcome could affect you.

With the economy booming and freight at unusually high volumes, the market looks strong for carriers. However, if you can’t expand your number of trailers, it’s difficult to keep up. FreightWaves is partnering with Spireon for a one-hour webinar starting at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 27 to discuss the ways that carriers are maximizing efficiency with the resources they have and getting more done with less. Spots are limited, so reserve your place today!

As our economy reopens, trailer orders are at unusually high volumes. When freight demand outpaces your operations, it’s difficult to meet deadlines and keep customers happy. Hear directly from a leading carrier and trailer leasing company about how they are staying prepared to maximize trailer utilization and maintain a high level of customer service.

CSA has been in place for a decade; the industry understands and manages to it. But now new changes may be in the offing—what will they mean to your fleet? Learn what current and future CSA programs may impact your business, and what you should do to prepare in this informative webinar, where David Osiecki and P. Sean Garney of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting will discuss violations that have and continue to drive government oversight and interventions, identified CSA problems and challenges and how they may be addressed, the timeline for CSA improvements, and the new crash preventability program and what you should be doing.

Looking ahead to 2021, we’re all wondering what the new year will bring. As we know from 2020, sometimes it’s anyone’s guess. But you can arm yourself with some insider information, so we’ve invited 3 leading experts to give you their take on what you need to know. Hear from Dean Croke of DAT, Zach Strickland of FreightWaves and Dave Osiecki of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting as they share what you can expect.

A number of recent regulatory changes are impacting the trucking industry. From rule changes around hours of service (HOS) in light of COVID-19 to issues around safety and compliance, there are a number of nuances to navigate in today’s landscape. To help the industry better understand these issues, FreightWaves and Spireon will be hosting an hour-long webinar.

A picture is worth 1,000 words; in our industry, it’s worth countless dollars. How many times have you wished for eyes inside your trailer when you’re managing detention? How many times have you sent for a trailer, to find it’s still loaded? New cargo imaging technology tackles a $1B problem.

The first half of 2020 has been incredibly volatile, forcing carriers to re-think their strategies for the year. Particularly when times are uncertain, it is critical for fleets to optimize productivity, right-size their fleets and cut costs. However, even when the economy is good, businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible in order to keep up with higher demand, and telematics can help during both of these times.

Make sure you’re ready for the newest FMCSA mandate, coming January 6, 2020: The CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. In this overview of the new mandate and what it requires of you

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