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FleetLocate Intelliscan Cargo Sensor

Smart Trailer is the Future: The Future is Now

Thursday, August 23, 2018 – 2:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Pacific

If you’ve been frustrated by the notoriously fallible cargo sensors of the past, you know we have been long overdue for the cargo sensor of the future. Now it’s here – and you can see it live. Spireon’s IntelliScan® advanced detection technology leverages a proprietary combination of optical imaging and laser time of flight technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracy for loaded/unloaded, and soft cargo/extreme environment cargo sensing. In this free demo webinar, you can see exactly how it will work for you. See how our advanced method of capture leverages a proprietary combination of:

  • Optical imaging
  • Laser time of flight technologies

This unique combination allows IntelliScan to deliver unprecedented accuracy for:

  • Loaded/unloaded
  • Soft cargo/extreme environment cargo detection

Don’t miss this first look at the cargo sensor of the future.




The Real Cost of Fuel: True Costs and Not Just Averages


The largest operating expense in trucking is diesel fuel, but do you really know the true cost of your fuel? What if you could get true costs and not just averages? How much would that improve your forecasting and bottom line? Find out how you can have visibility into real fuel price behavior on each freight movement, including:

  • Eliminating fuel distortion by separating fuel from freight costs
  • Determining real-time fuel costs by distance, speed, transit time on specific trade-lane fleets to provide dynamic marine fuel prices
  • Managing fuel costs and make decisions using accurate and movement-specific information
  • And more

Improving Driver Safety: Can Fleets Really Change Driver Behavior?


Driver safety has been increasingly in the news related to accidents and is a key concern for many companies. How can fleets prevent accidents and injury?
Behavior is the root cause of most accidents and injuries. In this informative webinar, learn how to instill the proper behavior through education, awareness, and motivation.

Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Training Solutions, will outline how to:
• Create a safety and behavior modification program that will truly work with drivers of all experience levels
• Learn which well-meaning bonus programs may actually be hurting your safety record
• Train drivers the way that adults actually learn
• Increase drivers recruited and decrease turnover through an effective, on-going program
• And more

ELD: What You Need to Know Now


With ELD requirements now being enforced, it’s vital that you understand what you need to do now for effective compliance. In this complimentary webinar, leading expert John Seidl outline key points including:
• How do you select the right device for your needs?
• How do you successfully implement an ELD program?
• What are the biggest challenges in implementing an ELD program?
• What 5 policies have proven to be effective in ELD implementation?
John Seidl is a nationally known DOT/FMCSA expert and a 20-plus year veteran of the transportation safety community who worked closely with the National Drug/Alcohol Technical Advisory Group and the National ELD team, and has been recognized as the FMCSA Safety Investigator of the Year for two consecutive years.

The Future of Trailer Fleet Management Technology: An Inside Look


Trailer fleet management technology is changing rapidly. Get an inside look at how GPS trackers and trailer sensors are evolving for the future and how that will help improve your bottom line.
Roni Taylor, VP Industry Relations at Spireon, and Jason Penkethman, Chief Product Officer at Spireon, will outline the improvements you can expect, including:
• Shifting from disparate, single function sensors to a component system—benefits in data, cost and more
• The depth and variety of data soon to be available to you and how to use it
• Making the most of your data
• How new technology can improve your ROI
• And more
Plus, you’ll hear from Dan Deppeler of Paper Transport, Inc., about how technology is giving his organization an advantage for the future.

Driver Retention: The Undercover Trucker Reports


In this informative program on what causes drivers to leave and how to retain them, Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Training Solutions, will share his experiences as the “undercover trucker,” where he is hired by fleets to go through their entire Recruiting, Orientation, and On-boarding process as a driver.
Kelly will outline:
• The most frequent offenses,
• How they adversely affect recruiting and retention,
• And how to correct them.
Kelly’s experiences will shock you, entertain you, educate you, and arm you with information that will improve your recruiting and retention efforts. He will also answer your tough questions.

Blockchain & Fleet Management – Revolution or Riot?


Blockchain isn’t just an industry disruptor, it’s technology that will revolutionize the way people do business. Do you know how it will affect your company? Find out the opportunities and challenges presented by blockchain in this informative webinar featuring Craig Fuller, Managing Director of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). BiTA includes members such as UPS, Penske and Shaw, and represents a growing group of transportation companies that believe blockchain will change the industry. In this program, you’ll get valuable information including:

• What exactly is blockchain and how does it affect transportation?
• How do supply chain and logistics processes changewith blockchain?
• How can blockchain affect verification of inspections, maintenance performance records and recall information?
• What is a “smart contract” and how can it benefit my organization?

Successfully Managing Roadside Inspections Post-ELD


As of April 1, the ELD mandate is being fully enforced. Do your drivers really know how to handle a roadside inspection? Learn how your drivers and fleet managers should handle these new checks – even when the inspectors themselves may not be fully up to speed. In this informative webinar, participants will learn:

  • New! Hours of service and ELD-related information, data and lessons learned from the early June 2018 Roadcheck blitz
  • Specific actions carriers and drivers should take to prepare for ELD-focused roadside inspections
  • Ideas on ‘driver letters’ that carriers should consider providing to drivers to help provide accurate electronic logging system information to inspectors
  • Ideas and best practices for interacting with roadside inspectors to start an inspection off on the right foot
  • FMCSA’s latest ELD guidance and Frequently Asked Questions

FleetLocate Connected by GM’s OnStar Live Demo Webinar


See how GM and Spireon have partnered to take fleet management to the next level with the combined technology of Spireon’s FleetLocate and GM’s OnStar. In this informative demo, you’ll get a high level product overview as well as a demonstration.

Optimizing ELD: Compliant, Yet Asleep at the Wheel


With ELD requirements now being enforced, it’s vital that you understand what you need to do now for effective compliance.
Now that you have ELD, you have a lot of useful information at your fingertips. But how do you use it? Typically, about 12% of any fleet of drivers on any given day or night will fall well outside the company’s operational safety parameters. How can you use your ELD and GPS data to improve driver safety and productivity?

Join us for this informative webinar with leading expert Dean Croke, who will discuss:
• What kind of information you can get from your ELD
• How to use that information to improve driver safety and increase driver productivity
• How to develop driver education/corrective action programs that work
• Why compliance and safety don’t go hand in hand
• And more

GETTING PAID FASTER: Technology trends that cut steps in shipping and payment reconciliation


Cash is king, as the old saying goes, and getting paid faster is the goal of nearly every company. New technologies can help your company accomplish this goal and get your payments in faster than ever before.

Join us for this leading edge webinar that will address topics including:
• Improving record keeping with distributed ledgers to improve reconciliation
• How blockchain ledgers can also improve financial liquidity
• Establishing trusted relationships throughout the supply chain


Not All BHPH Solutions Are Created Equal: What to Look for in Your System


GPS solutions have evolved to the point where you can get much more for your dealership than just a “locate” button. Some of the leading edge solutions provide dealers the ability to stay ahead of risk. But what’s really useful in these systems, and how do you evaluate them? Now you can get an inside look at what to consider—which features and benefits will really make a difference for you, including:

  • Vehicle recovery tools – like a secure recovery link and streamlined recovery workflow
  • What alerts and reports you really need
  • Impound lots – how the right database and alerts can save you thousands of dollars
  • And much more

The PATH Act: Don’t Miss Your Tax Season Sales Window


Was your 2017 Tax Season unexpectedly short? Did you feel Tax Season passed you up? Due to the PATH Act, Tax Season is no longer 60 or 90 days but more like 6-9 days long. Don’t let this New Tax Season catch you off guard! Hear from Chris Neylan, certified PATH Act guru and TRS TAX MAX executive, and Rob Honkomp from Spireon about how the PATH Act has changed tax season for car dealers and what you can do about it to maximize sales:
• How the PATH Act affects the tax-time selling period and WHY
• How to kick start sales before tax refunds are issued
• How to minimize risk and protect long-term profitability
• How to market tax strategies to win more sales
• And more

Grow Your Bottom Line: How to Get the Most from Your GoldStar


Your GoldStar solution offers much more than just a red “locate” button—it can really make your job easier. But how do you use those other features to save yourself time and headaches? Now you can get an inside look at how to get the most from your GoldStar system—see how to use key features to really make a difference in your bottom line. You’ll learn how to improve your bottom line with:

  • Impound lots – how you can use the database and alerts to save thousands of dollars
  • Faster recovery tools—how to text directly to recovery agents and recover your vehicles faster
  • How to know when a customer is getting ready to default 
  • How to use the different reports to maximize your profit