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Intelligent Trailer Management:
Defining Smart Trailer for Our Industry

Building upon Spireon’s award-winning trailer management solution, FleetLocate Intelligent Trailer Management® (ITM) brings a new generation of intelligent tools to carriers, helping to translate the billions of data events being collected each month into actionable intelligence. ITM equips fleets with the tools to organize and analyze the data that means the most, improve fleet operational efficiency and generate true ROI.

Smart Sensor Integration

Integration with proprietary and third-party smart sensors increases trailer visibility, drives operational efficiency, mitigates maintenance costs and reduces CSA violations.

  • Door sensors
  • Temperature probes
  • Liftgate battery monitoring
  • Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • And more!

Advanced IntelliScan Platform

Spireon’s patented IntelliScan cargo sensing technology delivers 99.9% cargo detection accuracy.

  • Time of flight lasers
  • Optical imaging technology
  • Soft cargo sensing
  • Irregular cargo sensing
  • Image capture and retrieval

Data Sharing and Custom Analytics

Open the door for fleets to combine telematics data with third-party data sources to create net-new custom business intelligence modules and customizable KPIs.

  • Access thousands of assets
  • Access years of data
  • Advanced APIs
  • Extended TMS integration
  • Data sharing and warehouse
  • Snowflake partnership

Actionable Intelligence

The right insight at the right time means fleets become proactive versus reactive, downtime is reduced, and trailer life is extended.

  • Advanced KPIs
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Visual dashboards
  • Predictive analytics
  • Targeted maintenance monitoring
FleetLocate Intelliscan Cargo Sensor

Introducing IntelliScan Accurate Cargo Sensing Technology

If you’ve been frustrated by the notoriously fallible cargo sensors of the past, you know we are long overdue for the cargo sensor of the future. Introducing IntelliScan® technology by Spireon. Our advanced method of detection leverages a proprietary combination of optical imaging and laser time of flight technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracy for loaded/unloaded, and soft cargo/extreme environment cargo sensing.

NSpire Platform

Powering all of Spireon’s product offerings is the award-winning NSpire platform, a secure, cloud-based data management and transaction processing environment. Supporting nearly 4 million active subscribers, and more than 1 billion data events per month, NSpire is the differentiator between competitor GPS products and Spireon Intelligent Trailer Management. Backed by a 99.9% up-time and application availability guarantee, NSpire keeps customers reliably connected to assets no matter where they roam.

1 Billion Data Events Generated Per Month

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