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Customer Case Studies

Discover Companies Like Yours Who Have Found Success With Spireon Solutions

Franchise New Car Dealerships

Learn how Peoria Ford grew profits by more than $1M per year, increased their gross per copy to more than $400, and saved valuable hours with Kahu Lot Management tools.

Learn how Spireon helped recover over $100K in assets for Burien Nissan and also provided a new F&I profit center with over 40% penetration on all vehicle sales, and a 75% reduction in time spent on inventory management.

Watch the video to learn how Precision Toyota improved customer response times by saving on average 30-35 mins when locating vehicles for test drives across their lots as well as improved all aspects of the sales process. Kahu also helped them manage their lot by protecting their inventory with stolen vehicle recovery features, identifying cars with low battery status, and optimizing service retention with their customers via Kahu’s service reminders.

Fleet, Trailer and Asset

Premier Trailer Leasing needed a solution that showcased a return on investment. Learn how they utilized valuable insights through rich data provided by Spireon’s trailer tracking solution to get real time mileage, reduce risk management and more.

Eggelton Trucking hauls bulk commodity throughout Southern California. With Spireon’s FleetLocate, they know where their trailers are which allows them to better utilize their time and make accommodations for customers’ needs. Watch the video to learn how Eggelton Trucking is saving time and money while growing their business.

With over 2700 trucks and 6500 trailers, Covenant Transport upgraded their fleet with newer technology and were able to accomplish that on the road with the help of Spireon and Travel Center of America (TA) to manage upgrades without having to bring heavy equipment into their home terminals. The full implementation of the Spireon FleetLocate trailer-tracking solution paid for itself with the reduction of the fleet size and cost savings in utilization and operation improvements and also helped them recover stolen trailers.

Vehicle Finance & Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Savon Financial was looking for a gps solution that was not only reliable and easy to install, but also one that was backed by a company that provided responsive customer and technical support and found all of that and more with Spireon.

Sol Acceptance & Blackfish Capital had issues with a previous gps solution provider that went out of business as well as multiple device failures from that vendor which prevented them from locating their collateral.  Spireon’s GoldStar solution provided Sol Acceptance & Blackfish Capital with consistent and reliable data to manage their portfolio, reduce risks, locate vehicles and more.