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The Trailer Management Solution Built From the Ground Up to Boost Your Bottom Line.

The pioneer of smart trailer technology, Spireon’s comprehensive trailer management solution, FleetLocate, captures a wealth of rich data at the trailer level, and translates it into easy-to-understand, actionable business intelligence to increase trailer productivity while reducing waste and costs.

With Intelligent Trailer Management, we start with a powerhouse family of telematics devices to deliver core trailer insights that help automate yard checks, maximize utilization, and right-size your trailer fleet. Depending on your business needs, FL Flex, FL22+, and FL Solar serve as the springboard to advanced trailer technologies, such as solar power management, tethered/untethered configurations, IntelliScan cargo sensing, cargo image capture and retrieval, door sensors, liftgate battery monitoring, ATIS/TPMS and TMS integrations, and more.

FleetLocate Trailer Telematics Family

FleetLocate FL FLEX

FleetLocate FL Flex is the industry’s first modular trailer tracking solution, with a next generation small footprint device that’s customizable with solar and sensors to fit your fleet’s needs.


FleetLocate FL22®+

Spireon’s FL22 product family features a rugged, protective pan with integrated solar panel, and customization options to include your choice of smart sensors. From a full suite of cargo and door sensors to solar power management options, customization options abound.


FleetLocate FL Solar®

The FL Solar combines state-of-the-art solar-harvesting technology with under 15-minute installation to make gaining visibility into your unpowered trailer and asset fleet effortless.

IntelliScan and Intelligent Trailer Management (ITM) Advanced Technologies

The Features You Need to Improve Operations

Save time and money with automated yard checks

Improve detention billing and reduce wasted driver time

Virtually sync tractors and trailers to ensure pairing

Utilize sensors and alerts to keep your loads safe

Gain real-time visibility to redirect underutilized trailers

Improve driver satisfaction by keeping them on the road

Optimize your trailer pool to drive ROI and profitability

All About ROI

Your trailer fleet represents a significant investment. Are you using it to its full potential? From recovering lost or stolen trailers to maximizing turns and reducing the need to purchase or lease new trailers as frequently — Spireon FleetLocate built its trailer management solution from the ground up to maximize every fleet’s return on asset investment. FleetLocate allows you to:

  • Improve trailer utilization for reducing major trailer purchases down the road
  • Automate yard checks and make your drivers happy (and loyal).
  • Optimize trailer pools
  • Enhance driver satisfaction by getting your drivers on the road sooner with lower wait times.
  • Manage trailer maintenance with consistent usage across your fleet.
  • Improve cargo security with state-of-the-art GPS alert capabilities.

Detention Management

Detention time costs the trucking industry billions of dollars each year in lost time, productivity, driver dissatisfaction and customer conflicts. Now you can take the cost and pain out of managing detention time and billing, with the industry’s first Detention Management Module. Part of your FleetLocate Trailer Management Platform, the Detention Management Module provides complete real-time visibility into your detained trailers, by giving you the tools to:

  • Define grace periods and when detention billing kicks on a per-customer basis
  • Notify customers when their locations have exceeded grace periods
  • Choose the level of detention detail you want to view in your reports
  • See data for individual or groups of customer locations
  • Change detention behavior and get your trailers unloaded first.

Driver Satisfaction and Retention

As you know, the driver shortage is real – and it’s getting worse. That’s why it’s important to choose a trailer management solution with features that go beyond protecting your trailers. Spireon FleetLocate allows you to keep drivers happy and on the road with:

  • Loaded/Unloaded Intel – Steer drivers to the right trailer on time, every time.
  • Automated Yard Checks – No more manual, and often unpaid, checks. Trailer sensors will help put a driver within 15 feet of the trailer. Quick and simple.
  • Maintenance Management – This FleetLocate feature will ensure fewer breakdowns on the road, reducing driver fatigue. It will not only making for more satisfied drivers, but also increase bottom line savings for you.
  • Detention Optimization – With visibility into trailer locations and detention time, you can motivate customers to unload your trailers quickly and reduce wasted driver time.

For Assets & Equipment

Choose An Asset Management Solution
That Works Best for Your Business

asset management and GPS tracking solution

FleetLocate FL FLEX®-EQ

Get real-time visibility into the location of your powered equipment like generators, bulldozers and wood chippers. Prevent loss and get assets to the right jobs.


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