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Fleet Management Systems & Solutions

Manage Your Fleet Efficiently and Effectively
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Grow Your Business with Real-Time Intelligence

Reduce fuel costs, idle time, labor and fleet mileage while maximizing the quantity of work accomplished with Spireon’s fleet management solutions. Ensuring your fleet is running optimally is key to delivering great service, and great service means repeat customers who help grow your business. Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking and management solutions gives you intelligence on how your fleet is performing – by driver and by vehicle. Whether your fleet is small or a large enterprise, we can help you reduce risk and operate more effectively. For trailer & asset management solutions, click here.

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Choose The Fleet Management Solution That Works Best for Your Business

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FleetLocate Standard

Reliable GPS tracking and fleet management including breadcrumb trail, driver behavior tracking and add-on hardware capabilities

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FleetLocate Advanced

Sophisticated GPS tracking and fleet management including advanced engine diagnostics and driver scorecard

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FleetLocate Compliance

Our most powerful GPS tracking and fleet management solution including federal compliance tools for HOS, ELD and DVIR

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FleetLocate Connected by OnStar

Next generation GPS tracking and fleet management with actionable insight and vehicle health data driven by GM OnStar.

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Fleet Management Service Packages

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Standard – A perfect choice for first-time GPS tracking users.

Real-time visibility into your fleet, 24/7/365

Driver behavior monitoring for speeding and idling

Vehicle maintenance alerts based on diagnostics

Exception alerts for off-route or after hours driving

Advanced – The best combination of power and economy.

Real-time visibility into your fleet, 24/7/365

All the features of Standard

Monitor hard braking and acceleration

Proactively pinpoint and fix vehicle issues

Compliance – A complete enterprise fleet management system.

All the features of Standard & Advanced

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Hours of Service (HOS) tracking

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Breaking down your Fleet Expenditures

Repairs, Tires, Preventable Maintenance 10.4%
Service Fees1.7%
Management Fees1%
Accident Risk 1.6%

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Find The Right Management Solution for Your Fleet

Whether you need a small, medium, commercial or enterprise fleet management solution, Spireon Fleet Management comes in affordable packages to fit the unique needs of your business. By only paying for features you’ll use, your operation will gain efficiency right from the start. Of course, there’s even more efficiency to gain from Spireon Fleet Management. With real-time visibility into your all of you vehicles and assets, it doesn’t take long to:

Automate Workflows

Improve Dispatching and Routing

Uncover Poor Driver Behavior and Correct It

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Lower Fuel Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Improve Operations
and Bottom-Line Results

Safeguard vehicles and track employee productivity with accurate GPS locating

Monitor driver behavior to identify and address risks that could affect profits

Receive vehicle maintenance alerts to fix issues quickly and avoid downtime

Utilize analytics and reporting to see trends and improve efficiencies

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